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The Top 15 Point Guards Of All Time

In today’s countdown, we round off the top 15 point guards of all time. These floor generals are considered the best that the game has ever seen. The position of ‘point guard’ has been interpreted in many ways by players across the world. Some players pass first, others score first, others defend first. Whatever style, the position is considered the most competitive as it’s for the smallest players. So lets see who is in the top 15…

15. Mark Jackson

The 17 year career of Mark Jackson saw him average over 10 assists in his rookie season! He played alongside Patrick Ewing with the Knicks and Reggie Miller with the Pacers. Unfortunately for Jackson, he played during the Jordan era and never won a championship. However, he did finish his career with over 10,000 assists and is ranked 4th on the all-time assist list. One of the best distributors and floor generals that the league has seen.

14. Russell Westbrook

The most explosive player the league has ever seen. He has an endless motor and his ability to do pretty much everything is the reason he makes this list. Westbrook is currently averaging a triple-double for this season! That is incredible! Every night he scores, passes, grabs boards and defends at an extraordinary rate. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and is an example of a true leader. You follow his lead.

13. Chris Paul

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