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2015 Top 50 MLB Prospects

2015 Top 50 MLB Prospects

Updated December 17, 2014

Prospect Rankings 51-100
Here’s my breakdown of prospects 1-15.
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★★★★★★ – Superstar player that has the potential to make an instant impact in the Major Leagues. This player is a future MVP or Cy Young Candidate.
★★★★★ – Great player at his respected position. Has the potential to be a number one starter if he’s a pitcher. Has All-Star potential, but isn’t on the superstar level.
★★★★ – A good everyday player, but not on the great level. A good number two or three if he’s a pitcher.
ETA – Projected Year to be called up to Majors

1 Byron BuxtonOF6'2"190Minnesota Twins★★★★★★2015
2Kris Bryant3B6'5"215Chicago Cubs★★★★★★2015
3 Joey Gallo3B6'5"205Texas Rangers★★★★★★2016
4Addison RussellSS6'0"195Chicago Cubs★★★★★★2015
5Carlos CorreaSS6'4"205Houston Astros★★★★★★2016
6Lucas GiolitoRHP6'6"255Washington Nationals★★★★★★2016
7Corey SeagerSS6'4"215Los Angeles Dodgers★★★★★★2015
8Julio UriasLHP5'11"160Los Angeles Dodgers★★★★★★2017
9Jose Peraza 2B6'0"165Atlanta Braves★★★★★2015
10Miguel Sano3B6'4"235Minnesota Twins★★★★★2015
11 Francisco LindorSS5'11"175Cleveland Indians★★★★★2015
12 Tyler GlasnowRHP6'7"195Pittsburgh Pirates★★★★★2016
13Kohl StewartRHP6'3"195Minnesota Twins★★★★★2016
14Joc PedersonOF6'1"185Los Angeles Dodgers★★★★★2015
15Jon GrayRHP6'4"235Colorado Rockies★★★★★2015
16Daniel NorrisLHP6'2"180Toronto Blue Jays★★★★★2015
17Kyle ZimmerRHP6'3"215Kansas City Royals★★★★★2015
18Jose BerriosRHP6'0"187Minnesota Twins★★★★★2016
19Dylan BundyRHP6'1"195Baltimore Orioles★★★★2015
20Daniel RobertsonSS6'0"190Tampa Bay Rays★★★★2016
21 Noah SyndergaardRHP6'6"240New York Mets★★★★2015
22Josh BellOF6'2"235Pittsburgh Pirates★★★★2015
23Archie BradleyRHP6'4"235Arizona Diamondbacks★★★★2016
24J.P. CrawfordSS6'2"180Philadelphia Phillies★★★★2017
25Andrew HeaneyRHP6'2"185Los Angeles Angels★★★★2015
26Dalton PompeyOF6'2"195Toronto Blue Jays★★★★2015
27Aaron NolaRHP6'1"195Philadelphia Phillies★★★★2016
28D.J. Peterson3B6'1"190Seattle Mariners★★★★2016
29Nick GordonSS6'0"160Minnesota Twins★★★★2018
30Luis SeverinoRHP6'0"195New York Yankees★★★★2017
31 Raimel TapiaOF6'2"160Colorado Rockies★★★★2017
32Henry OwensLHP6'6"205Boston Red Sox★★★★2015
33 Tim AndersonSS6'1"180Chicago White Sox★★★★2017
34 Austin MeadowsOF6'3"200Pittsburgh Pirates★★★★2018
35 Blake SwihartC6'1"175Boston Red Sox★★★★2015
36 Robert StephensonRHP6'3"195Cincinnati Reds★★★★2016
37 Christian BethancourtC6'2"205Atlanta Braves★★★★2015
38Aaron Sanchez RHP 6'4"200Toronto Blue Jays★★★★2015
39 David DahlOF6'2"195Colorado Rockies★★★★2017
40 Domingo SantanaOF6'5"225Houston Astros★★★★2015
41Austin HedgesC6'1"190San Diego Padres★★★★2015
42 Carlos RodonLHP6'3"234Chicago White Sox★★★★2016
43 Lucas SimsRHP6'2"195Atlanta Braves★★★★2017
44 Alex JacksonOF6'2"215Seattle Mariners★★★★2018
45 Tyler KolekRHP6'5"260Miami Marlins★★★★2018
46Jorge SolerOF6'4"215Chicago Cubs★★★★2015
47 Jesse WinkerOF6'3"210Cincinnati Reds★★★★2017
48 Albert AlmoraOF6'2"180Chicago Cubs★★★★2017
49 C.J. EdwardsRHP6'2"155Chicago Cubs★★★★2015
50 Hunter HarveyRHP6'3"175Baltimore Orioles★★★★2016

Prospects in Top 50 by Team

Arizona Diamondbacks0011
Atlanta Braves0123
Baltimore Orioles0022
Boston Red Sox0022
Chicago White Sox0022
Chicago Cubs2035
Cincinnati Reds0022
Cleveland Indians0101
Colorado Rockies0123
Detroit Tigers0000
Houston Astros1012
Kansas City Royals0101
Los Angeles Angels0011
Los Angeles Dodgers2103
Miami Marlins0011
Milwaukee Brewers0000
Minnesota Twins1315
New York Mets0011
New York Yankees0011
Oakland Athletics0000
Philadelphia Phillies0022
Pittsburgh Pirates0123
San Diego Padres0011
San Francisco Giants0000
Seattle Mariners0022
St. Louis Cardinals0000
Tampa Bay Rays0011
Texas Rangers1001
Toronto Blue Jays0123
Washington Nationals 1001

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