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2016 MLB Draft Order for Submitting Mock Drafts

Please use this format below when sending us your mock draft if you want your mock to be in a table format. If you want to write an article with your mock please exclude the carets (^). Contact us if you want to do more than one round and need the order.

1st Round
1^Philadelphia Phillies^
2^Cincinnati Reds^
3^Atlanta Braves^
4^Colorado Rockies^
5^Milwaukee Brewers^
6^Oakland Athletics^
7^Miami Marlins^
8^San Diego Padres^
9^Detroit Tigers^
10^Chicago White Sox^
11^Seattle Mariners^
12^Boston Red Sox^
13^Tampa Bay Rays^
14^Baltimore Orioles^
15^Cleveland Indians^
16^Minnesota Twins^
17^Los Angeles Angels^
18^Houston Astros^
19^New York Yankees^
20^Texas Rangers^
21^New York Mets^
22^Los Angeles Dodgers^
23^Toronto Blue Jays^
24^Pittsburgh Pirates^
25^St. Louis Cardinals^

Compensation Round
26^San Diego Padres^
27^San Diego Padres^
28^Chicago White Sox^
29^Baltimore Orioles^
30^Washington Nationals^
31^New York Mets^
32^Los Angeles Dodgers^
33^St. Louis Cardinals^
34^St. Louis Cardinals^

Competitive Balance Round A
35^Cincinnati Reds^
36^Los Angeles Dodgers^
37^Oakland Athletics^
38^Colorado Rockies^
39^Arizona Diamondbacks^
40^Atlanta Braves^
41^Pittsburgh Pirates^

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