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2017 MLB Player Rankings

Preseason Rankings

The 2017 MLB player rankings will be updated periodically throughout the season.

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Rank Name Position Team
16 Chris Sale LHP Boston Red Sox
17 Madison Bumgarner LHP San Francisco Giants
18 Francisco Lindor SS Cleveland Indians
19 Trea Turner SS Washington Nationals
20 Giancarlo Stanton OF Miami Marlins
21 George Springer OF Houston Astros
22 Joey Votto 1B Cincinnati Reds
23 Rougned Odor 2B Texas Rangers
24 Noah Syndergaard RHP New York Mets
25 Brian Dozier 2B Minnesota Twins
26 Corey Seager SS Los Angeles Dodgers
27 Jacob deGrom RHP New York Mets
28 Andrew McCutchen OF Pittsburgh Pirates
29 Charlie Blackmon OF Colorado Rockies
30 Yoenis Cespedes OF New York Mets
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