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2018 NFL Mock Draft Database

The Fueled by Sports 2018 NFL Mock Draft Database includes mock drafts from all over the web. We try and save you from having to search through a number of pages on search engines by listing all the mock drafts on one page.

You can easily submit links to your mock draft here. All we ask for is a link back to our mock draft.

We have 59 mock drafts on this list and update daily. Also check out our 2017 NFL Mock Draft Database

Mock Draft Site Date #1 Pick #2 Pick #3 Pick #4 Pick #5 Pick
DraftBlaster 9/18 Darnold Fitzpatrick Key Rudolph James
DraftBlaster – Draftgeek 9/18 Darnold Rosen Key Allen McGlinchey
Draft Site 9/16 Darnold Adams Hubbard Wilkins Allen
Walter Football – Charlie 9/15 Darnold Rosen Jackson James Key
With the First Pick 9/15 Allen Darnold Rosen Ridley Barkley
Fueled by Sports 9/14 Darnold Rosen Fitzpatrick Key Payne
Fueled by Sports – Matt 9/14 Rosen Darnold James Fitzpatrick Allen
Walter Football 9/14 Darnold Key Adams McGlinchey Barkley
NFL Mocks – Erik 9/14 Darnold Rudolph Rosen McFadden Williams
Saturday Blitz 9/14 Key Darnold Rosen James Kirk
Fansided 9/13 Darnold Rosen James Key Barkley
CBS Sports – Chris 9/13 Brown Darnold Washington Key Cain
Tankathon 9/13 Darnold Key James Rosen Barkley
Fueled by Sports – Tom 9/12 Darnold Key Fitzpatrick Rosen James
Fueled by Sports – Stan 9/12 Darnold James Fitzpatrick Barkley McGlinchey
Draft Utopia 9/12 Jackson Key Darnold Adams James
NFL Spinzone – Cody 9/12 Key Darnold James McFadden Jackson
Metro 9/10 Darnold Adams Key Allen Jackson
SEC Country 9/19 Darnold Barkley Rosen Williams Allen
Fueled by Sports – Julio 9/8 Rosen McGlinchey Barkley Landry Fitzpatrick
All 22 9/8 Rosen Darnold Allen Key Adams
Bleeding Green Nation 9/7 McGlinchey Rosen Landry Williams James
Draft Tek 9/7 Darnold Allen James Ridley Wilkins
The Draftster 9/5 Darnold Allen Adams Wilkins Rosen
Chicago Now 9/5 Jackson James Barkley Rosen Darnold
Mockout 9/2 Darnold James Fitzpatrick Rosen Wilkins
Fanspeak 8/31 Darnold Rosen Key McFadden Ridley
TBTBB 8/31 Darnold Thompson Key Alexander Jackson
NY Upstate 8/31 Darnold Barkley Guice Landry Wilkins
The Big Lead – Jason 8/30 Darnold McGlinchey Rosen Allen Fitzpatrick
Sports Illustrated 8/30 Darnold Rosen James Key Fitzpatrick
Sporting News – Eric 8/29 Darnold Barkley James Guice Chubb
New NFL Draft – Tyler 8/24 Darnold Rosen Jackson McGlinchey Allen
The Sports Bank 4/27 Darnold Rosen Key Barkley McGlinchey
Hero Sports 8/24 Darnold Allen Rosen James Wilkins
NFL Draft Blitz 8/23 Darnold Allen McGlinchey Rosen James
The Ledge Sports 8/18 Darnold James Barkley Jefferson McGlinchey
NFL Draft Days – Frank 8/17 Darnold Allen Key Rosen James
My NFL Draft 8/8 Darnold Allen Ridley Adams Wilkins
Football Apex 8/4 Darnold Allen McGlinchey Key James
San Diego Union Tribune – Eddie 8/2 Key Darnold Allen James Landry
CBS Sports – R.J. 8/1 Darnold McGlinchey Rosen Fitzpatrick Williams
Baltimore Beatdown 7/22 Darnold Rosen Allen Key James
CBS Sports – Jared 7/3 Allen Rosen Darnold Ridley Key
NFL Draft Zone 6/27 Darnold Allen Rosen Ridley James
Rotoworld 6/2 Darnold James Rosen Key Fitzpatrick
CBS Sports – Ryan 6/1 Darnold Rosen Allen James Key
CBS Sports – Will 6/1 Darnold Allen Rosen Key Ridley
EatDrinkandSleepFootball 5/19 Darnold Allen James Key Fitzpatrick
NFL Mock 5/19 Darnold Williams Rosen Wilkins Allen
Draft Analyst 5/8 Allen Darnold Jackson Sutton Fitzpatrick
Alpha Football 5/8 Darnold Rosen McGlinchey Key Allen
Chat Sports – Tom 5/7 Allen James Darnold Fitzpatrick Key
EndzoneScore 5/4 Allen Darnold Rosen McGlinchey Jackson
Pro Football Focus – Steve 5/3 Darnold James Rudolph Key Williams
NFL Spinzone – Randy 5/2 Darnold Falk Rosen Kirk Hand
Draftwire – Luke 4/30 Key Darnold Barkley James Chubb
Fox Sports – Dieter 4/29 Darnold James Key McFadden McGlinchey
SB Nation – Dan 4/29 Darnold Rosen Allen James Fitzpatrick

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