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25 Greatest Outfielders in Baseball History

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2. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds will always be linked to the steroid scandal, but Bonds was simply one of the best and holds the all-time home run record with 762. Bonds was names to 14 All Star teams, was an MVP 7 times, won 12 silver slugger awards, 8 Gold Gloves and batted .298 with 762 home runs and 1,996 RBIs.

Bonds was an impressive outfielder and hitter with the Pittsburgh Pirates well before the steroid scandal ever came into play. His longevity was impressive. His best season was 2001 when the slugger batted .328 with 73 homers, 137 RBIs and an almost unbelievable 1.379 OPS.

1. Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth or the Sultan of Swat is the top choice of all outfielders. Ruth was the most feared hitter to stand at the plate that the sport has ever seen. What makes Ruth a standout amongst his peers is he pitched for 10 seasons as well as winning 20 games twice. His best season was 23-12 with an ERA of 1.75 and nine shutouts in 1916.

Ruth finished his career with a .342 batting average, 714 home runs and 2,214 RBIs. His RBI total is still the highest of all-time. Ruth drew 2,062 base on balls during this career.

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