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A Look at the Finals for the women’s world cup.

The United States came head to head with Germany during the women’s world cup semi-finals in Montreal last Tuesday. England faced off with Japan on Wednesday in Edmonton, Alberta.


After an own goal by team England against Japan and a victory by the U.S against Germany we have a rematch to determine who lifts the World Cup in Vancouver British Columbia on July 5th


For many punters who are keen on world cup results, they ranked Germany at the top. Germany’s women’s team has been in every world cup tournament since women were given their chance to compete at the world cup level in 1991. Their loss to the U.S was not a big surprise as the U.S team has always brings an expert game.


Germany won the 2003 and 2007 world cup titles. The team was however beaten in 2011 after they lost their home ground. They lost the match at the quarterfinal level losing to the title holders Japan. Come 2015, Germany seemed to be on a roll and emerged first in its group stage. Until that is their inevitable defeat.


The German team easily beat Thailand and Ivory Coast and ended up in a 1-1 draw with Norway. During the round of 16, Germany successfully defeated Sweden 4-1.


During the quarterfinal match, Germany’s prowess in the field was tested by the French and won over the French through a 5-4 penalty kick out after drawing 1-1 in the initial game. The official World Cup Results reveal that Germany lead all teams in the competition with a record 20 goals.


The United States


The United States ranks at the 2nd position, slipping to this position late last year after having spent a fresh six years at number one. The United States Women’s national team has also been to every World Cup.


The national team won the first ever women’s world cup in 1991 and won the tournament again in 1999. To date, the US women’s team is the only team that has successfully reached the semifinal stage in all the seven world cup tournaments.


Four years ago, the US came within a whisker of winning a third title, and, unfortunately, the team was beaten by Japan during the final via penalty kicks. In the 2015 women’s world cup, the US was grouped in the Group of Death due to the giants who sat in the same group.


The United States successfully defeated Australia and Nigeria and drew with Sweden 0-0. Since this is a consistent and reliable team, the US has been able to keep up a good defense, and they are a possible winner during this world cup tournament. After beating Germany they are looking good for their final match against Japan.




The Japanese were able to beat the United States in Germany successfully in 2011 to lift the World Cup title. They are currently ranked in the 4th position. They are the first Asian team to scoop the tournament.


Just like Germany and the United States, Japan has taken part in every World Cup tournament since 1991. It is also the only team in the 2015 semi-finals to have won all five matches on Canadian soil. Japan is playing with a teddy bear at its bench in honor of a teammate that broke her ankle during the 2015 World Cup Opener. After beating England via a self goal from England’s Laura Bassett Japan and the U.S are in for a rematch in the final.




Unfortunately, this team is now relegated to competing for third place in the 2015 World Cup. The English team has advanced to the semis in what is the team’s first time in history. The team is currently participating in their fourth World Cup.


The English team opened the World Cup tournament losing 1-0 to France. However, they upped their game and won four straight 2-1 victories since then, they had successfully beaten Colombia, Mexico, Norway and Canada until their defeat by Japan.

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