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A Short March Madness Preview and Prediction with Bracket Tips

It’s that time of the year when things are about to get interesting in the world of college basketball with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on the horizon.

To me, there is no heavy favorite to win it all. I am not willing to go all in on a team at all. My projected #1 seeds are Kansas, Michigan State, Villanova, and Virginia. I like all four of those schools to go deep in the tournament.

I can see at least 10-15 different schools that can win, including my projected #1 seeds. Of course you do not need to be one of the best teams in the country to win you just need to be the best team 40 minutes at a time. That is one of the best things about March, expect the unexpected.  Last year, we all saw Kentucky going into the tourney riding high and nobody wanted no part of them.

Well, there is not a team out there like last year’s Kentucky team. Like I said earlier, 10-15 different teams can take home the National Championship including the the #1 seeds I projected.

As far as for the 10-15 different teams that have their shot. I like Kansas and Michigan State as two of my favorites. Of course you have the defending National Champs in Duke, I can see them repeating. You also have the North Carolina Tar heels, but it’s hard for me to predict which team of theirs is going to  show up.

One thing I do believe is going to happen is expect a good March Madness. It should be an exciting month of college basketball.

Here’s some tips for everybody to help you with your bracket:

1: Pick at least a 7 seed for an upset or two.

2: For teams in weak conferences, it’s difficult to figure out how they will perform against stronger teams.

3: The majority of your upsets will come from the 10th, 11th or 12th seeds. They always seem to reek havoc on your tournament bracket.

4: In the past decade and a half, eery school that has won the national championship have been ranked in the AP top10 before the tournament started.

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