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Alabama vs Arkansas Football Series

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Alabama vs.

Alabama Leads Series 18-8

1Jan. 1, 1962New OrleansTulane StadiumAlabama10-3
2Jan. 1, 1980New OrleansSuperdomeAlabama24-9
3Sept. 19, 1992Little RockWar Memorial StadiumAlabama38-11
4Sept. 18, 1993TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama*43-3
5Sept. 17, 1994FayettevilleRazorback StadiumAlabama13-6
6Sept. 16, 1995TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumArkansas20-19
7Sept. 21, 1996Little RockWar Memorial StadiumAlabama17-7
8Sept. 20, 1997TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumArkansas17-16
9Sept. 26, 1998FayettevilleRazorback StadiumArkansas42-6
10Sept. 25, 1999TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama35-28
11Sept. 23, 2000FayettevilleRazorback StadiumArkansas28-21
12Sept. 22, 2001TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama31-10
13Sept. 27, 2002FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback StadiumAlabama30-12
14Sept. 27, 2003TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumArkansas34-31 2OT
15Sept. 25, 2004FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback StadiumArkansas27-10
16Sept. 24, 2005TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama**24-13
17Sept. 23, 2006FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback StadiumArkansas24-23 2OT
18Sept. 15, 2007TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama**41-38
19Sept. 20, 2008FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback StadiumAlabama49-14
20Sept. 26, 2009TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama35-7
21Sept. 25, 2010FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback StadiumAlabama24-20
22Sept. 24, 2011TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama38-14
23Sept. 15, 2012FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback StadiumAlabama52-0
24Oct. 19, 2013TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama52-0
25Oct. 11, 2014FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback StadiumAlabama14-13
26Oct. 10, 2015TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama19-14
27Oct. 8, 2016FayettevilleD.W.R Razorback Stadium#1 Alabama49-30
28Oct. 14, 2017TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#1 Alabama41-9

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**Alabama was forced to vacate win due to NCAA violation
*Alabama was forced to forfeit game due to NCAA violation

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