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Alabama vs. Arkansas recap

If you know anything about this rivalry, you would know that this game is known to be a battle of the trenches. The Razorbacks have the largest offensive line in college football. Alabama has one of the most talented offensive/defensive lines in football. And it is certainly a struggle between these two teams just about every time they meet. This game was close until Arkansas tried a risky fake punt, which turned out to be very costly attempt. It started off as a dog fight but the defense saved the day once again.


It seems like it’s just the same old song when it comes to the Alabama Crimson Tide this year. Turnovers and missed field goals have been their Achilles heel and it was no different Saturday. The first half was a fairly slow start for both teams. Alabama racked up 204 yards to Arkansas’ 77 yards. With theses statistics, one would assume Alabama would be winning. But Arkansas lead 7-3 at the half. Alabama’s defense showed up like they always do. Arkansas’ time of possession was only 3:54 seconds in the first half. The Razorback’s first touchdown came on an interception that was moved up to the 12-yard line because of a “fake” unsportsmanlike penalty by Cam Robinson. Brent Bielema flopped like Cam pushed him in order to get this penalty. It’s been a long time that I’ve seen a head coach stoop so low. Here’s a link to the beautiful bean footage that was captured: ESPN. I’m almost certain Saban had to apologize to Cam once he seen this video, because he will rip you a new one for any unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.


Jacob Coker had an insane game against Georgia and like all Tide fans, they were hoping this would carry over to the home game against Arksanas. Coker had a rough start to this game. I think the biggest thing he has to consider is he doesn’t have to win the games with his arm alone, he has to reduce the mistakes and just manage the game. Saban gave him the keys to the Cadillac; he has to just prevent the rims from getting scuffed up. Coker threw two ill-advised interceptions early, but made up for it all with a long touchdown to Calvin Ridley. The young, speedy receiver has to move into the “Robert Foster” role and become the best playmaker amongst the receivers. Which is asking a lot of a true freshman. But this is what he signed up for and I think he’s ready for that responsibility. Where is Chris Black?

The wide-open bomb to Ridley came at 1:39 left in the third quarter. On the very next possession is where Bielema went for a fake punt in their own territory. This is what sparked the offense as the Tide rallied to 17 more points in the fourth quarter. The Tide can’t have a slow start next week if they plan on leaving College station Texas with a ‘W’. The Texas A&M Aggies (real home of the 12th man )are undefeated and coming off a bye. This will be another SEC showdown!!

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