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Alabama vs Georgia Tech Football Series

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Alabama vs.

Alabama Leads Series 28-21-3

1Nov. 27, 1902BirminghamWest End ParkAlabama26-0
2Oct. 21, 1905AtlantaBrisbane ParkGeorgia Tech12-5
3Oct. 24, 1908AtlantaPonce de Leon ParkGeorgia Tech11-6
4Oct. 22, 1910TuscaloosaThe QuadGeorgia Tech36-0
5Oct. 29, 1911AtlantaGrant FieldTie0-0
6Oct. 12, 1912AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech20-3
7Oct. 17, 1914BirminghamRickwood FieldAlabama13-0
8Nov. 6, 1915AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech21-7
9Nov. 11, 1916AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech13-0
10Oct. 14, 1922AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech33-7
11Nov. 3, 1923AtlantaGrant FieldTie0-0
12Oct. 25, 1924AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama14-0
13Oct. 24, 1925AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama7-0
14Oct. 16, 1926AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama21-0
15Oct. 15, 1927AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech13-0
16Nov. 17, 1928AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech33-13
17Nov. 16, 1929AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama13-0
18Nov. 12, 1932AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech6-0
19Nov. 18, 1933AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama12-9
20Nov. 17, 1934AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama40-0
21Nov. 16, 1935BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama38-7
22Nov. 14, 1936AtlantaGrant Field#4 Alabama20-16
23Nov. 13, 1937BirminghamLegion Field#3 Alabama7-0
24Nov. 12, 1938AtlantaGrant FieldTie14-14
25Nov. 18, 1939BirminghamLegion FieldGeorgia Tech6-0
26Nov. 16, 1940AtlantaGrant Field#14 Alabama14-13
27Nov. 15, 1941BirminghamLegion Field#9 Alabama20-0
28Nov. 14, 1942AtlantaGrant Field#2 Georgia Tech7-0
29Nov. 15, 1947BirminghamLegion Field#14 Alabama14-7
30Nov. 13, 1948AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama14-12
31Nov. 12, 1949BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama20-7
32Nov. 18, 1950AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama54-19
33Nov. 17, 1951BirminghamLegion Field#7 Georgia Tech27-7
34Nov. 15, 1952AtlantaGrant Field#2 Georgia Tech7-3
35Nov. 14, 1953BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama13-6
36Nov. 13, 1954AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech20-0
37Nov. 12, 1955BirminghamLegion Field#11 Georgia Tech26-2
38Nov. 17, 1956AtlantaGrant Field#4 Georgia Tech27-0
39Nov. 16, 1957BirminghamLegion FieldGeorgia Tech10-7
40Nov. 15, 1958AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama17-8
41Nov. 14, 1959BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama9-7
42Nov. 12, 1960AtlantaGrant FieldAlabama16-15
43Nov. 18, 1961BirminghamLegion Field#2 Alabama10-0
44Nov. 17, 1962AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech7-6
45Nov. 16, 1963BirminghamLegion Field#7 Alabama27-11
46Nov. 14, 1964AtlantaGrant Field#2 Alabama24-7
47Sept. 8, 1979AtlantaGrant Field#2 Alabama30-6
48Sept. 6, 1980BirminghamLegion Field#2 Alabama26-3
49Sept. 12, 1981BirminghamLegion FieldGeorgia Tech24-21
50Sept. 11, 1982AtlantaGrant Field#4 Alabama45-7
51Sept. 10, 1983BirminghamLegion Field#14 Alabama20-7
52Sept. 15, 1984AtlantaGrant FieldGeorgia Tech16-6

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