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Alabama vs Kentucky Football Series

Alabama vs.

Alabama Leads Series 37-2-1

1Nov. 17, 1917LexingtonStoll FieldAlabama27-0
2Nov. 18, 1922LexingtonStoll FieldKentucky6-0
3Nov. 10, 1923TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama16-8
4Nov. 8, 1924TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama42-7
5Nov. 7, 1925BirminghamRickwood FieldAlabama31-0
6Nov. 6, 1926BirminghamRickwood FieldAlabama14-0
7Nov. 5, 1927BirminghamRickwood FieldAlabama21-6
8Nov. 10, 1928MontgomeryCramton BowlAlabama14-0
9Nov. 9, 1929MontgomeryCramton BowlAlabama24-13
10Nov. 1, 1930LexingtonMcLean StadiumAlabama19-0
11Oct. 31, 1931TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama9-7
12Oct. 29, 1932LexingtonMcLean StadiumAlabama12-7
13Nov. 4, 1933BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama20-0
14Nov. 3, 1934LexingtonMcLean StadiumAlabama34-14
15Nov. 2, 1935BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama13-0
16Oct. 31, 1936LexingtonMcLean StadiumAlabama14-0
17Oct. 30, 1937TuscaloosaDenny Field#3 Alabama41-0
18Oct. 29, 1938LexingtonMcLean Stadium#18 Alabama26-6
19Nov. 4, 1939BirminghamLegion FieldTie7-7
20Nov. 2, 1940LexingtonMcLean StadiumAlabama25-0
21Nov. 1, 1941TuscaloosaDenny Field#15 Alabama30-0
22Oct. 24, 1942LexingtonMcLean Stadium#3 Alabama14-0
23Oct. 27, 1944MontgomeryCramton BowlAlabama41-0
24Nov. 3, 1945LouisvilleManual Stadium#4 Alabama60-19
25Oct. 26, 1946MontgomeryCramton Bowl#11 Alabama21-7
26Nov. 1, 1947LexingtonMcLean Stadium#18 Alabama13-0
27Sept. 23, 1972BirminghamLegion Field#7 Alabama35-0
28Sept. 22, 1973LexingtonCommonwealth Stadium#4 Alabama28-14
29Oct. 3, 1980BirminghamLegion Field#1 Alabama45-0
30Sept. 19, 1981LexingtonCommonwealth Stadium#12 Alabama19-10
31Oct. 1, 1988LexingtonCommonwealth Stadium#12 Alabama31-27
32Sept. 23, 1989TuscaloosaBryant-Denny Stadium#15 Alabama15-3
33Oct. 5, 1996TuscaloosaBryant-Denny Stadium#13 Alabama35-7
34Oct. 4, 1997LexingtonCommonwealth StadiumKentucky40-34 OT
35Sept. 13, 2003TuscaloosaBryant-Denny StadiumAlabama27-17
36Oct. 9, 2004LexingtonCommonwealth StadiumAlabama45-17
37Oct. 4, 2008TuscaloosaBryant-Denny Stadium#2 Alabama17-14
38Oct. 3, 2009LexingtonCommonwealth Stadium#3 Alabama38-20
39Oct. 12, 2013LexingtonCommonwealth Stadium#1 Alabama48-7
40Oct. 1, 2016TuscaloosaBryant-Denny Stadium#1 Alabama34-6

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