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Alabama vs LSU Football Series

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Alabama vs.

Alabama Leads Series 51–25–5

1November 18, 1895Baton RougeState FieldLSU12–6
2November 29, 1902TuscaloosaThe QuadLSU11–0
3November 9, 1903TuscaloosaThe QuadAlabama18–0
4December 2, 1904Baton RougeState FieldAlabama11–0
5November 2, 1907MobileMonroe ParkAlabama6–4
6November 25, 1909BirminghamBirmingham FairgroundsLSU12–6
7November 15, 1919Baton RougeState FieldAlabama23–7
8November 11, 1920TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama21–0
9October 29, 1921New OrleansHeinemann ParkTie7–7
10November 10, 1922TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama47–3
11November 16, 1923MontgomeryCramton BowlAlabama30–3
12October 10, 1925Baton RougeTiger StadiumAlabama42–0
13October 30, 1926TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama24–0
14October 8, 1927BirminghamRickwood FieldTie0–0
15December 8, 1928BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama31–0
16November 15, 1930MontgomeryCramton BowlAlabama33–0
17September 30, 1944Baton RougeTiger StadiumTie27–27
18October 6, 1945Baton RougeTiger StadiumAlabama26–7
19November 9, 1946Baton RougeTiger Stadium#19 LSU31–21
20November 22, 1947TuscaloosaDenny Field#8 Alabama41–12
21November 20, 1948Baton RougeTiger StadiumLSU26–6
22September 29, 1951Mobile LaddStadiumLSU13–7
23September 27, 1952Baton RougeTiger StadiumAlabama21–20
24September 26, 1953Mobile LaddStadiumTie7–7
25September 25, 1954Baton RougeTiger StadiumAlabama12–0
26September 28, 1957Baton RougeTiger StadiumLSU28–0
27September 27, 1958MobileLadd Stadium#15 LSU13–3
28November 7, 1964BirminghamLegion Field#3 Alabama17–9
29November 6, 1965Baton RougeTiger Stadium#5 Alabama31–7
30November 5, 1966BirminghamLegion Field#4 Alabama21–0
31November 11, 1967Baton RougeTiger StadiumAlabama7–6
32November 9, 1968BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama16–7
33November 8, 1969Baton RougeTiger Stadium#12 LSU20–15
34November 7, 1970BirminghamLegion Field#11 LSU14–9
35November 6, 1971Baton RougeTiger Stadium#4 Alabama14–7
36November 11, 1972BirminghamLegion Field#2 Alabama35–21
37November 22, 1973Baton RougeTiger Stadium#2 Alabama21–7
38November 9, 1974BirminghamLegion Field#3 Alabama30–0
39November 9, 1975Baton RougeTiger Stadium#5 Alabama23–10
40November 6, 1976BirminghamLegion Field#15 Alabama28–17
41November 5, 1977Baton RougeTiger Stadium#2 Alabama24–3
42November 11, 1978BirminghamLegion Field#3 Alabama31–10
43November 10, 1979Baton RougeTiger Stadium#1 Alabama3–0
44November 8, 1980TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#6 Alabama28–7
45September 5, 1981Baton RougeTiger Stadium#4 Alabama24–7
46November 6, 1982BirminghamLegion Field#11 LSU20–10
47November 5, 1983Baton RougeTiger Stadium#19 Alabama32–26
48November 10, 1984BirminghamLegion Field#12 LSU16–14
49November 9, 1985Baton RougeTiger StadiumTie14–14
50November 8, 1986BirminghamLegion Field#18 LSU14–10
51November 7, 1987Baton RougeTiger Stadium#13 Alabama22–10
52November 5, 1988TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#13 LSU19–18
53November 11, 1989Baton RougeTiger Stadium#4 Alabama32–16
54November 10, 1990TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama24–3
55November 9, 1991Baton RougeTiger Stadium#8 Alabama20–17
56November 7, 1992Baton RougeTiger Stadium#3 Alabama31–11
57November 6, 1993TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumLSU17–13
58November 5, 1994Baton RougeTiger Stadium#6 Alabama35–17
59November 4, 1995TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#16 Alabama10–3
60November 9, 1996Baton RougeTiger Stadium#10 Alabama26–0
61November 8, 1997TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#14 LSU27–0
62November 7, 1998Baton RougeTiger StadiumAlabama22–16
63November 6, 1999TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#12 Alabama23–17
64November 4, 2000Baton RougeTiger StadiumLSU30–28
65November 3, 2001TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumLSU35–21
66November 16, 2002Baton RougeTiger Stadium#10 Alabama31–0
67November 15, 2003TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#3 LSU27–3
68November 13, 2004Baton RougeTiger Stadium#17 LSU26–10
69November 12, 2005TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#5 LSU16–13 OT
70November 11, 2006Baton RougeTiger Stadium#12 LSU28–14
71November 3, 2007TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#3 LSU41–34
72November 8, 2008Baton RougeTiger Stadium#1 Alabama27–21 OT
73November 7, 2009TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#3 Alabama24–15
74November 6, 2010Baton RougeTiger Stadium#5 LSU24–21
75November 5, 2011TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#1 LSU9–6 OT
76January 9, 2012New OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome#2 Alabama21–0
77November 3, 2012Baton RougeTiger Stadium#1 Alabama21–17
78November 9, 2013TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#1 Alabama38–17
79November 8, 2014Baton RougeTiger Stadium#5 Alabama20–13 OT
80November 7, 2015TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#4 Alabama30–16
81November 5, 2016Baton RougeTiger Stadium#1 Alabama10-0

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Series Facts:

  • Alabama holds the longest streak in the series with an 11 game winning streak from 1971-1981.
  • Alabama is 26-9-2 when playing LSU in Baton Rouge.
  • Alabama has won 6 straight games over LSU, starting with the 2012 National Championship Game.
  • The series has been played in six different cities: Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, New Orleans and Tuscaloosa.

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