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Alabama vs. Ole Miss Football Series

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Alabama vs.

Alabama Leads Series 50–11–2

1Oct. 27, 1894JacksonFairgroundsOle Miss6–0
2Nov. 24, 1899JacksonFairgroundsAlabama7–5
3Oct. 26, 1900TuscaloosaThe QuadAlabama12–5
4Oct. 19, 1901TuscaloosaThe QuadAlabama41–0
5Oct. 12, 1907ColumbusColumbus FairgroundsAlabama20–0
6Oct. 23, 1909JacksonMississippi State FairgroundsTie0–0
7Nov. 5, 1910GreenvilleGreenvilleOle Miss16–0
8Nov. 9, 1912TuscaloosaThe QuadAlabama10–9
9Nov. 25, 1915BirminghamRickwood FieldAlabama53–0
10Oct. 28, 1916TuscaloosaUniversity FieldAlabama27–0
11Oct. 27, 1917TuscaloosaUniversity FieldAlabama64–0
12Oct. 11, 1919TuscaloosaUniversity FieldAlabama49–0
13Oct. 6, 1923TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama56–0
14Nov. 1, 1924MontgomeryCramton BowlAlabama61–0
15Oct. 6, 1928TuscaloosaDenny FieldAlabama27–0
16Oct. 5, 1929TuscaloosaDenny StadiumAlabama22–7
17Oct. 4, 1930TuscaloosaDenny StadiumAlabama64–0
18Oct. 3, 1931TuscaloosaDenny StadiumAlabama55–6
19Oct. 22, 1932TuscaloosaDenny StadiumAlabama24–13
20Oct. 7, 1933BirminghamLegion FieldTie0–0
21Nov. 11, 1944MobileMurphy High School StadiumAlabama34–6
22Jan. 1, 1964New OrleansTulane Stadium#8 Alabama***12–7
23Oct. 2, 1965BirminghamLegion FieldAlabama17–16
24Oct. 1, 1966JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#3 Alabama17–7
25Oct. 7, 1967BirminghamLegion Field#9 Alabama21–7
26Oct. 5, 1968JacksonVeterans Memorial StadiumOle Miss10–8
27Oct. 4, 1969BirminghamLegion Field#15 Alabama33–32
28Oct. 3, 1970JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#7 Ole Miss48–23
29Oct. 2, 1971BirminghamLegion Field#7 Alabama40–6
30Oct. 5, 1974JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#3 Alabama35–21
31Oct. 4, 1975BirminghamLegion Field#9 Alabama32–6
32Sept. 11, 1976JacksonVeterans Memorial StadiumOle Miss10–7
33Sept. 10, 1977BirminghamLegion Field#6 Alabama34–14
34Sept. 20, 1980JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#1 Alabama59–35
35Oct. 3, 1981TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#11 Alabama38–7
36Sept. 18, 1982JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#4 Alabama42–14
37Sept. 17, 1983TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#12 Alabama40–0
38Oct. 8, 1988TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumOle Miss22–12
39Oct. 7, 1989JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#13 Alabama62–27
40Oct. 24, 1992TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#4 Alabama31–10
41Oct. 23, 1993OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#4 Alabama*19–14
42Oct. 22, 1994TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#8 Alabama21–10
43Oct. 21, 1995OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#21 Alabama23–9
44Oct. 19, 1996TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#7 Alabama37–0
45Oct. 25, 1997OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumAlabama29–20
46Oct. 10, 1998TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama20–17 OT
47Oct. 16, 1999OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#11 Alabama30–24
48Oct. 14, 2000TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama45–7
49Oct. 13, 2001OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumOle Miss27–24
50Oct. 19, 2002TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#24 Alabama42–7
51Oct. 18, 2003OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumOle Miss43–28
52Sept. 11, 2004TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama28–7
53Oct. 15, 2005OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#6 Alabama**13–10
54Oct. 14, 2006TuscaloosaBryant–Denny StadiumAlabama**26–23 OT
55Oct. 13, 2007OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumAlabama27–24
56Oct. 18, 2008TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#2 Alabama24–20
57Oct. 10, 2009OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#3 Alabama22–3
58Oct. 16, 2010TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#8 Alabama23–10
59Oct. 15, 2011OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#2 Alabama52–7
60Sept. 29, 2012TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#1 Alabama33–14
61Sept. 28, 2013TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#1 Alabama25–0
62Oct. 4, 2014OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#11 Ole Miss23–17
63Sept. 19, 2015TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#15 Ole Miss43–37
64Sept. 17, 2016OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#1 Alabama48-43
65Sept. 30, 2017TuscaloosaBryant–Denny Stadium#1 Alabama66-3

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*Alabama had to forfeit win due to NCAA violations
**Alabama had to vacate win due to NCAA violations
***1964 Sugar Bowl

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