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American League Wild Card Game in Review

Nearly 50,000 people converged in the Broncs of New York as the Astros faced off against the Yankees at Yankee Field. Both teams, knowing this was their gateway into the playoff season, fought tooth and nail to gain a lead. It was a truly epic meeting, each team giving it their best shot.

The Yankees came into the game as the highest scoring team in the league. However, they faced Dallas Keuchel, a pitcher who had not allowed a single run in the two regular season games he threw against them. It was sure to be a shootout to the end.

The Astros were the first to strike with a second inning homerun by Colby Rasmus. Then, again in the fourth, Carlos Gomez blasted one past the center field fence. It was evident that the Yankee’s Masahiro Tanaka was struggling against the bats of the Astros.

In the sixth, Yankees brought in Justin Wilson, who, though still struggling, was able to bring down the side with the help of his team’s defense. The Yanks seemed to rally in the bottom of the sixth, but with an athletic move by shortstop Correa, the Astros were able to cutoff the momentum and finish the sixth without a run scored against them. Rodrigues hit a routine fly out, leaving two on base.

The Astros’ bats continued in the top of the 7th as Altuve singled to left field, bringing Villar in for the score. In the bottom, the Astros bullpen took over with Sipp trying to continue what Keuchel started. Sipp struggled to get going, but was able to finish the seventh with no runs scored against him.

To start off the 8th for the Yankees’ Dellin Betances was able to strike out the side with ease. In the bottom, Will Harris able to do the same, bringing loud boos from the crowd.

Trying to keep the Astros at 3, the Yankees bring in Andrew Miller in the 9th. With his league best slider, Miller was able to strikeout the first 3, giving the Yanks a chance to come back. To keep that from happening, the Astros brought in relief pitcher Luke Gregerson to start off against Carlos Beltran. With 3 quick pitches, Beltran was struck out. Next up was Alex Rodriguez, who went down swinging after letting the first strike fly by. Last up in the effort to come back was Brian McCann, who hit a ground ball and was thrown out.

With a clean shutout against the highest scoring team, the Astros move on to meet the Kansas City Royals in The American League Division Series.

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