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Andreas Schreiber discusses his business venture, the College Basketball system, and life in Surrey

Andreas Schreiber is a 28 year old, 6’10” Power Forward currently playing for the Surrey Scorchers in the British Basketball League (BBL). Having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2011, the Swedish International is very much in the midst of a long and successful career in the game.

Currently playing for the Surrey Scorchers, Schreiber is using his basketball IQ to help enhance young players chances of making it to a professional level. Last year, Schreiber began writing a blog entitled ‘The Prolete Formula’ where he would write about different drills and techniques that would help players with their game, which has now grown into a business.

“It was founded a year back. It started out as just a blog and then I realized that there is a lot of questions out there by young basketball players, who want to start a career in basketball, and perhaps earn a scholarship or even a professional contract.”

“The Prolete Formula is a basketball lifestyle and training brand. It serves as a resource for basketball players, about everything basketball encompasses i.e. training, nutrition, tools, style, finance, mental strength, relaxation techniques, team building and much much more.”

With Schreiber’s formula quickly gaining momentum and popularity, the results players have been getting using his techniques have been very impressive. Young players have turned to the formula for various reasons.

“Some have used them to learn how to dunk; some have used them to better their shooting techniques; and some have even been able to earn professional contracts by using the network of sports agents and agencies that I have at my disposal.”

“I hope that younger basketball players will be able to utilize some of the tools that I offer; and improve their own basketball game. The purpose is to make all this stuff available for those who may not be able to afford a personal trainer; or who don’t have access to a professional coach.”

With March Madness coming to a close in the greatest fashion last Monday, Schreiber was pleased with the Tournament this year.

“I am very happy Villanova won. They are part of the Philadelphia Big 5 Conference, and we would play them every year, and scrimmage them in the summer. Coach Jay Wright is highly deserving of this great honor.”

Schreiber played for The University Of Pennsylvania in the Ivy League from 2006-2011, he believes the Ivy League continues to improve and gain reputation, and looks back at his time there with fond memories.

“The Ivy League is becoming stronger and stronger; as seen in in the upset win by Yale. I went to March Madness my first year, and we played Texas A&M and DeAndre Jordan. It was an amazing and overwhelming experience not a lot of people get to enjoy.”

I went on to ask the Swedish international if he believes basketball players should have to be a certain age before entering the NBA draft, or if they should do at least 2 years at college, so they can gain some qualifications as well as make the NCAA more interesting by making young prospects have to go through the College System first.

“That is a tough question. I think some players are able to go directly to the NBA the way Dwight Howard, Kobe, Lebron, and KG did. I guess the problem is the fact that great college players will tend to leave early for the NBA; and I do not think that this is ideal for the universities who want to keep a high graduation rate. However, from the perspective of a player, if you are have the opportunity to make millions and take care of your family, why should you not be allowed to go? European players are allowed this all the time. And there is no guarantee how long your body will be healthy, so there is always an issue of utilizing the opportunity when it is present. I know a lot of players who suffered career-ending injuries in college in their fourth year. It would be horrible if that was to happen to a high-prospect player, just because he was forced to go to college for a fourth year. He could potentially lose the opportunity to make a living.”

Back here in the BBL, the 28 year old is enjoying his time in Surrey, and took the time to praise the fans for their support.

“Surrey is a great place, and although our success was limited this year, our fanbase has been amazing. In fact, they have been there for us the entire season, even during the lows. They are what make me want to come back here next season; and they are truly loyal to those who show them respect and thankfulness.”

If you want to find out about Andreas Schreiber’s ‘Prolete Formula’, here is the latest news you need to know:

“The new website will launch this week, and my mission is to release two high quality blog articles a week (Tuesday & Friday); as well as offer 5 ebooks for current basketball players to download for free. They contain shooting techniques, jump mechanics, a 21 week jump program, and much more. All for FREE on the website. You can already sign up to get on the waiting list for this free material.” – Andreas Schreiber

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