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Anthony Davis could be one of the best of all time…

When you think of the best basketball players in the world at present? Lebron James? Steph Curry? Kevin Durant?

Well for me Anthony Davis comes to mind. That kid is something special. For a big man, he can shoot the ball from anywhere! It’s ridiculous! He’s a great defensive rebounder, his second chance points change the complexion of games significantly. He sure knows how to pump up a crowd too with monster jams! But that’s just the start of it…

Let’s think about Lebron, Steph, and Kevin. There’s no doubt in my mind that those three guys are incredible players. Lebron James is a natural leader, he controls games. He fills the stat sheets in all areas of the game; points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, he can do it all. Steph Curry is the best shooter I have ever seen. To be able to shoot the basketball so consistently, it’s jaw dropping to watch. He may be the smallest guy on the floor at times, but he makes the biggest noise. And finally Kevin, he can guard any position on the court, he can also play any position on the court. Similar to Lebron, he fills up the stat sheet with ease, and is the most hard working, yet humble man you’ll ever come across.

So I think very highly of those guys, but look at who they have on their rosters. The Cavs have a loaded roster, with Lebron, Kyrie, Kevin Love, as well as guys like Tristan Thompson who today signed an $82 million dollar, 5 year contract extension. Steph Curry of course has splash brother Klay Thompson, as well as Harrison Barnes, Andre Igoudala, Draymond Green; those guys are champs. Kevin Durant has Russel Westbrook and Serge Ibaka…need I say more?

But who does Anthony Davis have? The other three have all stars on their respective teams. Davis doesn’t have that. He does have some good players with him, such as Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Norris Cole and Kendrick Perkins. But without their star, where would they be? In the draft lottery I expect…

The thing that amazes me about Davis is that he can literally do anything on the floor. Anything that helps his team win. He finished 4th in the league in scoring last year with 24.4 points a game. He led the league in blocks with just under 3 blocks a game, that’s big time defence right there! He also made the top 10 in rebounds, averaging 10 rebounds a game. He averaged 36 minutes per game too, the same as Lebron James. Finally, he finished the season with 42 double doubles. That’s incredible numbers from a big man.

Let’s not forget…he’s 22 years old.

Isn’t that scary? He’s only gonna get better. At his age, he’s amongst the league leaders in all kinds of stats! He essentially carried a team to the playoffs at that age. How can he not be one of the best in the world?

For me he has to be in contention for MVP this year, and many years to come. He is the core of what could eventually be a New Orleans dynasty! He just needs all-stars around him. That’s what’s missing. If the Pelicans could get a guard that can score, and feed Davis the ball in good positions, they’ll be in a very strong position. Against the Warriors, they were beaten in the backcourt. Steph and Klay were too strong. Davis controlled the battle of the big men. With a big free agency year ahead, if they could get their hands on a gritty player like Mike Conley, or potentially cash in on Bradley Beal, they could be title contenders. But with a player like Anthony Davis, they can never be ruled out of contention.

A future title winner no doubt, future MVP, and future hall of famer. I look forward to watching Davis for many years to come.

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