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Arkansas vs Ole Miss Football Series

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Arkansas Leads Series 34–28–1 According to Ole Miss
Arkansas Leads Series 35–27–1 According to Arkansas

1Oct. 10, 1908FayettevilleThe HillArkansas33–0
2Nov. 15, 1913Little RockOle Miss21–10
3Nov. 14, 1914Little RockOle Miss13–7*
4Oct. 25, 1924Little RockKavanaugh FieldArkansas20–0
5Oct. 2, 1926FayettevilleThe HillArkansas21–6
6Sept. 29, 1928OxfordHemingway StadiumOle Miss25–0
7Nov. 13, 1937MemphisCrump Stadium#20 Arkansas32–6
8Nov. 16, 1938MemphisCrump StadiumOle Miss20–14
9Oct. 26, 1940MemphisCrump StadiumArkansas21–20
10Oct. 22, 1941MemphisCrump Stadium#15 Ole Miss18–0
11Oct. 24, 1942MemphisCrump StadiumArkansas7–6
12Oct. 28, 1944MemphisCrump StadiumArkansas26–18
13Oct. 27, 1945MemphisCrump StadiumArkansas19–0
14Oct. 26, 1946MemphisCrump StadiumOle Miss9–0
15Oct. 25, 1947MemphisCrump StadiumArkansas19–14
16Oct. 25, 1952Little RockWar Memorial StadiumOle Miss34–7
17Oct. 24, 1953MemphisMemphis CrumpOle Miss28–0
18Oct. 23, 1954Little RockWar Memorial Stadium#7 Arkansas6–0
19Oct. 22, 1955OxfordHemingway StadiumOle Miss17–7
20Oct. 27, 1956Little RockWar Memorial StadiumArkansas14–0
21Oct. 26, 1957MemphisCrump StadiumArkansas12–6
22Oct. 25, 1958Little RockWar Memorial Stadium#6 Ole Miss14–12
23Oct. 24, 1959MemphisCrump Stadium#6 Ole Miss28–0
24Oct. 22, 1960Little RockWar Memorial Stadium#2 Ole Miss10–7
25Sept. 23, 1961JacksonMemorial Stadium#9 Ole Miss16–0
26Jan. 1, 1963New OrleansTulane Stadium#3 Ole Miss13–7
27Jan. 1, 1970New OrleansTulane Stadium#13 Ole Miss27–22
28Sept. 26, 1981JacksonMemorial StadiumArkansas27–13
29Sept. 25, 1982Little RockWar Memorial Stadium#9 Arkansas14–12
30Sept. 24, 1983JacksonVeterans Memorial StadiumOle Miss13–10
31Sept. 15, 1984Little RockWar Memorial StadiumTie14–14
32Sept. 14, 1985JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#14 Arkansas24–19
33Sept. 13, 1986Little RockWar Memorial Stadium#18 Arkansas21–0
34Sept. 12, 1987JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#13 Arkansas31–10
35Sept. 17, 1988Little RockWar Memorial StadiumArkansas21–13
36Sept. 23, 1989JacksonVeterans Memorial Stadium#8 Arkansas24–17
37Sept. 22, 1990Little RockWar Memorial StadiumOle Miss21–17
38Sept. 28, 1991JacksonVeterans Memorial StadiumOle Miss24–17
39Oct. 17, 1992Little RockWar Memorial StadiumOle Miss17–3
40Oct. 16, 1993JacksonVeterans Memorial StadiumOle Miss19–0
41Oct. 15, 1994FayettevilleRazorback StadiumArkansas31–7
42Oct. 14, 1995MemphisLiberty Bowl Memorial StadiumArkansas13–6
43Nov. 9, 1996FayettevilleRazorback StadiumArkansas13–7
44Nov. 6, 1997OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumOle Miss19–9
45Nov. 7, 1998FayettevilleRazorback Stadium#11 Arkansas34–0
46Nov. 6, 1999OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#23 Ole Miss38–16
47Nov. 4, 2000FayettevilleRazorback StadiumOle Miss38–24
48Nov. 3, 2001OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumArkansas58–56 7OT
49Oct. 26, 2002FayettevilleDonald W. Reynolds Razorback StadiumArkansas48–28
50Oct. 25, 2003OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumOle Miss19–7
51Nov. 13, 2004FayettevilleDonald W. Reynolds Razorback StadiumArkansas35–3
52Nov. 12, 2005OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumArkansas28–17
53Oct. 21, 2006FayettevilleDonald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium#15 Arkansas38–3
54Oct. 20, 2007OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumArkansas44–8
55Oct. 25, 2008FayettevilleDonald W. Reynolds Razorback StadiumOle Miss23–21
56Oct. 24, 2009OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumOle Miss30–17
57Oct. 23, 2010FayettevilleDonald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium#21 Arkansas38–24
58Oct. 22, 2011OxfordVaught–Hemingway Stadium#10 Arkansas29–24
59Oct. 27, 2012LittleRock War Memorial StadiumOle Miss30–27
60Nov. 9, 2013OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumOle Miss34–24
61Nov. 22, 2014FayettevilleDonald W. Reynolds Razorback StadiumArkansas30–0
62Nov. 7, 2015OxfordVaught–Hemingway StadiumArkansas53–52 OT
63Oct. 15, 2016FayettevilleRazorback Stadium#22 Arkansas34-30

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*Ole Miss had to forfeit due to using an ineligible player. Ole Miss denies the allegation and lists the game as a win, while Arkansas claims a forfeit and lists the game as a win.

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