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A’Shawn Robinson Scouting Report

Year:                                                                                                                             Position:

A’Shawn Robinson’s Info

College: Alabama
Class: 2017
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 320
Position: Defensive Tackle
Position Ranking: 1
40 Time: 5.18

  • Very strong.
  • Good frame and an excellent athlete for his size.
  • Very good run defender.
  • Superb bull rusher.
  • He’s an extremely smart player.
  • Can play multiple positions on the defensive line.
  • He needs to play with more consistency.
  • Seems to take some plays off, which may be due to poor conditioning.
  • Needs to get better at pass rush.  He had success with it his freshman season, but seemed to struggle last year.
  • Plays too high at times.  He needs to work on staying low.
A’Shawn Robinson’s Pro Comparison
A’Shawn Robinson’s Draft Projection
  • Top 10
A’Shawn Robinson’s Highlights

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