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Should the Athletics sign Jimmy Rollins?

3 time All-Star and 16 year major league veteran Jimmy Rollins is still looking for a team to play with in 2016. Rollins hit .224 with 13 homeruns and 41 RBI and 12 stolen bases in 144 games with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015. Rollins spent his entire career with the Philadelphia Phillies before getting traded to the Dodgers in 2015, but neither team wants to sign Rollins in 2016.

Rollins has a couple Gold Glove awards under his belt and could teach Marcus Semien a thing or two about defense. That’s if the Oakland Athletics would be willing to sign Rollins. Semien made 35 errors last season on defense and if he wants to play everyday shortstop those numbers have to improve.

Rollins with the A’s is a win-win situation for both parties. Rollins gets to play for a competitive team with a chance at a World Series. While the A’s get a part time player in Rollins who can help teach the team’s young infielders. That’s if Rollins would be willing to be a part time player as he only played less than 100 games in a season twice during his major league career. The market is not huge for Rollins right now and this seems to be a fit for both parties so Rollins probably won’t be too upset that he can’t play everyday.

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