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Austin Bergner Scouting Report

Austin Bergner’s Info

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 195
Throws: Right
School/State: Windermere Prep (Windermere, FL)
Position: RHP
College Commitment: North Carolina

Austin Bergner’s Scouting Report

Bergner is a great athlete with a projectable frame and looks very comfortable on the mound. He has a very fluid and repeatable delivery that almost looks effortless. His fastball has a lot of movement and he commands it well. Bergner’s curveball has plenty of potential and already is a nasty pitch, but he needs to get better at commanding the pitch. Still needs to improve on a few areas, but might have more potential than anyone in the draft. Bergner is a currently a dark horse candidate for the number one pick and he could be the first high school pitcher taken.

Fastball: 92-95 MPH
Changeup: 84-86 MPH
Slider: 77-83 MPH
Curveball:  74-78 MPH

Scouting Grades
Command: 4/5
Velocity: 4/5
Movement: 4/5
Mechanics: 4/5
Fastball: 4/5
Changeup: 4/5
Curveball: 3/5
Slider: 3/5
Overall: 30/40
Potential: A-

Professional Scouting Grades

Tool Grade/Projection
Command 45/55
Mechanics 50/60
Fastball 50/65
Changeup 40/60
Curveball 45/55
Overall 40/60

Austin Bergner’s Draft Projection

Top-10 Pick

Austin Bergner’s Pro Comparison

Jacob deGrom – New York Mets

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