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Big Ten

Big Ten Picks Week 12

Big Ten Picks Week 12

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Big Ten Picks Week 12

This is a big week in the Big Ten and could decide the fate of the west division.  Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are all tied for first, with one loss in conference play.  Nebraska plays Wisconsin and Minnesota plays Ohio State.  All three teams play each other in the next few weeks, which makes this even more interesting.  In my opinion the winner of the Nebraska and Wisconsin game will win the west, if Minnesota loses to Ohio State this week.  Nebraska has the most to lose out of the three teams, still having one loss and a slim chance at the playoffs.

There is a lot up for grabs this week and should be an exciting week for Big Ten fans.

27 Iowa @ Illinois 13

14 Temple @ Penn State 28

52 #8 Ohio State @ #25 Minnesota 31

17 Indiana @ Rutgers 24

10 Northwestern @ #18 Notre Dame 31

23 #16 Nebraska @ #20 Wisconsin 27

38 #12 Michigan State @ Maryland 21

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