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Having blossomed in Italy, Kamren Belin is looking for his next basketball challenge

Kamren Belin is searching for his next basketball venture after some success in Europe.

The 25-year-old averaged 18 points, seven rebounds and four assists last season while in the Serie C in Italy.

Standing at 6’8″, he attended Youngstown State University and heading into his senior year was ranked in the ‘ Top 1500 NCAA Players’ for the 2013-14 season.

Despite breaking his finger on his shooting hand during his senior year, he still played and managed to shoot 41% from three point range.

Following his senior year, his venture into professional basketball began.

“Once the season ended I had agents reaching out to me. I ended up signing and heading to Romania. I chose Romania because I had a cousin who played out there previously and he was murdered. So I went out there in his honor.”

“It wasn’t the best situation as far as management goes, I actually ended up leaving and right after I left the GM stole the players salaries and disappeared.”

He made the switch to play in Portugal for the rest of the season.

The following year Belin decided to return home for the season due to a family emergency.

But one year later in 2916, Belin traveled to Italy to pursue a career in the Serie C.

“I was told I wasn’t aggressive enough in my rookie year, coming from college where the offense just found me, I was out in position where I was the offense and it was my job to make things happen.”

“I went from having a point guard to work around, to me having to bring the ball up the floor and create, I had to adapt.”

“Coming overseas kind of turned me into a guard. So I went to Italy with a different mindset. I averaged 18 points, as well as getting my teammates involved, and being the voice for my team defensively. I was also a big part of the basketball community, the kids and the parents all knew me and supported me. I was visible for the city. I always out, always acknowledged.”

So far this season Belin spent two months in Spain playing in the EBA, and is now a free agent looking for his next challenge.

“If a team were to sign me they would be getting not a only a great player, but a great character, a great teammate.”

“I can stretch the floor on offense and shrink it on defense. I change shots, rebound, and start the break.”

“I have height, strength, and agility which makes me able to switch and guard any position at any time. I’m an inside-out threat that can run the floor as well as handle the ball.”

You can contact Kamren Belin here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kamren-belin-0b9660116/

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