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Braves Sign Jim Johnson to one-year deal

The Braves have signed Jim Johnson to a one-year, $1.6 million deal, with $900K worth of incentives.

The Braves traded away Jordan Walden to the Cardinals, with Jason Heyward last month, and Johnson figures to be his replacement.

Jim Johnson, 31, was awful last season, posting a 7.09 ERA with the Oakland A’s and the Detroit Tigers.

Johnson was great from 2008 until his final season in Baltimore in 2013. His best season was by far in 2012, when he posted an ERA of 2.49 and saving 51 games. He also made the All-Star game that season. Johnson saved 50 games in 2013, and after those two seasons the Orioles couldn’t afford him anymore. Baltimore decided to trade him to Oakland, where he struggled and was latter designated for assignment and released. The Tigers picked him up, but it didn’t fare much better for Johnson, who allowed 10 runs in just 13 innings.

This is a great signing by the Braves, who have nothing to lose with just a one-year contract. If they get the 2012 Johnson it will be well worth the money.

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