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Should the Browns take Fournette if he drops to 12th overall

The Browns have more needs than any other team, but what if Leonard Fournette was to drop to them at 12? Should they take the running back that’s being compared to Adrian Peterson, Bo Jackson, Ricky Williams and others or should they address greater needs like safety, offensive line or a quarterback? Most people will want to have the playmaker that Fournette is, while some will want the Browns to continue to build depth at key positions.

Cleveland ranked 19th in rushing offense in 2016 and that will be one area they need to improve in if they expect to compete in 2017. It will be important for the Browns to bring in a guy that can protect and help keep the offense balanced for either a rookie quarterback or Jimmy Garoppolo (if they acquire him in a trade). It currently looks like only one team in front of the Browns 12th pick will be looking at a running back, and that team is the Carolina Panthers at 7th overall.

Fournette is a tremendous athlete with the size and speed to be a running back in the NFL for a long time. He is being called a “once in a generation” player and could be an important piece as the Browns try to move toward relevance.

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