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The Cleveland Cavaliers ticket prices soar

The Cleveland Cavaliers open up their season at home on Thursday, and if your thinking about going it will cost you a pretty penny.  Right now the cheapest ticket you can get will cost you $1,049.25 per ticket.  When I first started writing this the cheapest tickets were going for $626.  Last season the average ticket price for the Cavs was $43.31 a game.

I know it’s the return of LeBron James, but the defending champions San Antonio Spurs home opener will cost you $187 and that’s still not cheap.

You could take your whole family to almost any game in the NBA and pay the same price as it would cost you to see the Cavs play at home by yourself.  Right now the cheapest game this season in Cleveland will be against the Raptors on December 9th.  The lowest price for that game is $100.

LeBron former team the Miami Heat’s ticket prices are currently going for around $40 for the home opener.  I know LeBron is the best player in the world, but can one player really have this much of an impact on ticket prices?  The Los Angeles Clippers tickets for their home opener are going for around $25, and they have two of the Top-10 players in the league.

In my opinion it looks like some of the season ticket holders are trying to make a killing off of LeBron returning to Cleveland.  They are overcharging and I know I would never pay that much to watch a regular season basketball game, when I can watch it from the comfort of my home.

If you want to go watch the Cavaliers play this season, I advise you to go to one of their road games.   Four of Cleveland six games or on the road.  The Cavs first two games are on TV, with their opener being on TNT and their second game on ESPN.

Here are what some people are saying on twitter.

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