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Chase Headley to sign with Yankees

Third baseman Chase Headley has agreed to a four year deal with the New York Yankees, the deal is worth $52 million. The deal is still pending a physical.

Headley, 30, was traded to the Yankees last season, after spending the first seven seasons of his career with the San Diego Padres. He hit .262 in 58 games with the Yankees last season, who needed a third baseman after Alex Rodriguez was suspended for the season.

I personally don’t like this deal for the Yankees, they already have plenty of veteran players, and now they’re paying a player who’s had only one good season over $12 million a year.

Chase Headley’s only good season was in 2012, when he hit .286 with 31 homers and 115 RBIs. He’s hit .250 and .243 the last two seasons, with 26 homers combined in those two seasons. Headley is a decent defender, and won the gold glove in 2012.

It’s a fact that the Yankees have paid way too much money to older players, and it has come back to haunt them on multiple occasions in the past few seasons. New York wants championships not over payed players.

Headley might be a perfect fit for the Yankees, but right now it looks like his best seasons are behind him.

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