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College Football’s Top 5 QBs for 2015

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5. The Ohio State Experiment (Miller, Barrett & Jones)

If they were to award the title on talent alone, Ohio State would be a runaway victor. They have a three-headed monster at the quarterback position coming into the 2015 season, a quarterback controversy for the ages.
i. Braxton Miller was a preseason Heisman hopeful before missing 2014 due to injury, he has elite athleticism and 2 Big Ten Player of the Year awards.
ii. J.T. Barrett is the man in the middle, he passes better than Miller and runs better than Jones. He stepped in for Miller last year and delivered terrifically before breaking his leg.
iii. Cardale Jones was the underdog hero. From third string to national spotlight, Jones was able to step in and lead the Buckeyes to a national championship. He’s big, makes plays and may have the strongest arm in the country.

Any one of them could top this list, but the three together takes away more than it adds.

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