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Cubs Star Kyle Schwarber Looks Completely Different

The training regiments of professional athletes differ from sport to sport. Baseball is a sport that sees a wide range of training disciplines — specifically because of its focus on position skills and coordination over outright strength and endurance.

But you can’t deny the way that being in shape helps a player contribute on the field. For the 2018 season, Chicago Cubs star Kyle Schwarber has dedicated himself to upping his physical performance so that he and his teammates can benefit from his contributions on the field. The result is a Schwarber we still recognize — but where’d the rest of him go?

Good to Great

Kyle Schwarber was never a slouch. Drafted in 2014, Schwarber brought a big bat and a big heart to the Cubs organization and played a significant role in the Cubs’ World Series championship even after coming off of a busted knee.

Rumors swirled that Schwarber might be traded, but the Cubs were committed to keeping this young leader on their team. Now with a few years under his belt in the majors, the historically stocky catcher/left fielder has committed himself to transforming his body for the 2018 season. The results are impressive, and Schwarber can say with confidence that he’s ready to hit the field running for the new season.

Working Out Like a Professional

Part of the reason Schwarber has garnered so much media attention is that he looks noticeably different. The 24-year-old has maintained his signature muscle, but shed roughly 20 pounds and enhanced his agility in the process through a disciplined routine with trainer Yo Murphy.

Murphy uses unique methods to help Schwarber develop strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness. It’s a trend that sports medicine professionals are increasingly endorsing through techniques like aquatic weight training or, in Schwarber’s case, baseball practice on a football field and following a strict meal-plan.

Schwarber’s New Body Is Partly Due To Food

What is that meal plan? In combination with the intense workouts, the Cubs catcher has been sticking to a protein-rich diet of eggs, chicken and salmon. He gets one cheat meal a week and his trainer says he’s never broken his composure — not even once.

Schwarber says that because he enjoys the foods, it’s not a difficult regimen to follow — and he’s clearly excited about how he’ll be able to contribute on the field for the 2018 season. He hopes to show the league that he can hit and field among the MLB’s elite.

The pictures and videos from his workouts certainly show a player who’s ready to get out there and do some damage against opposing batters. Schwarber can be seen sprinting for fly balls and soaking through his workout gear — he’s committed to the routine and seems to enjoy it.

Although fans have fixated on Schwarber’s shrinking frame, he maintains that he’s not focused on weight loss, but rather on performance:

“I’m training my body for 162 games times nine innings or maybe more. I want to be an MVP. I want to be a Gold Glover. I want to set my standards high,” he says.


It shows, Kyle. We can’t wait to see this slugger hit the field in 2018.

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