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Daily Fantasy is more popular than ever despite the negative media reaction

There has been a lot of talk in the media over the last week about the legitimacy of daily fantasy sites Draftkings and Fanduel after a Draftkings employee won several hundred thousand dollars playing daily fantasy football on their rival site Fanduel. It is understandable that this would make some people hesitant to play on those sites and because of all of the media backlash, both sites have banned their employees from playing daily fantasy sports on any site in the future.

It is also understandable that people are turned off by these sites after seeing their countless ads during any sporting event. it is annoying to see a commercial for both sites during every commercial break and hearing people talk about how they have won thousands or millions of dollars on these sites. It is annoying to me and I have used both sites for several years. Both sites advertise the idea that you can win a life changing fortune by playing one day of fantasy sports and that isn’t realistic.

It is true that you can win a million dollars in one week of fantasy football but everything has to go your way on a particular day and there is a lot of luck involved in winning a big tournament or large sum of money on a given day. Since we live in a day and age where everyone is looking for a quick fix or a way to make easy money, it makes sense that a lot of people are unhappy with their results on those sites if they are taking the approach of trying to win the million dollars.

The truth is you can win easy money consistently on both sites but you have to know sports and you have to take a conservative approach. If you want to use a football analogy, think of it as throwing a check down pass instead of a hail mary. The hail mary would be winning the “Millionaire Maker” on Draftkings or the “Sunday Million” on Fanduel. You can know sports better than the people on ESPN or Fox Sports but you also need luck to win those million dollar tournaments. The check down analogy refers to cash games. If you finish in the top 50 % and double your money on a given night, that would be considered a cash play. You can double your money but It isn’t as exciting or enticing as winning a million dollars so there isn’t as much demand for it but if you know sports, it isn’t that hard to win.

The key to winning money consistently on daily fantasy sites is having a good money management strategy. I have had success for several years playing daily fantasy sports because I only play a small percentage of my bankroll each day and I play in mostly cash games to double my money. ¬†Despite all of the negative press in the last week, I have never felt cheated on either Draftkings or Fanduel and will continue to do so. It also appears that the media agenda hasn’t swayed the majority of the public to stop playing either because both Draftkings and Fanduel had a record number of entries for their NFL contests this Sunday.

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