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On this Day in Sports History January 25

On this Day in Sports History January 25


On this day in 1998, the Denver Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers 31-24 in Super Bowl XXXII. Terrell Davis carried the Broncos by rushing for 157 yards and a Super Bowl record three touchdowns. The game also broke a record for television audience, with 800 million people in 147 countries watching the game. It was Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway final game.


On this day in 1988, Utah Jazz guard Rickey Green scored the NBA’s 5,000,000 point as the buzzer sounded at the end of the third quarter. The 24 foot three pointer would help the Jazz defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers 119-96.


On this day in 2012, Yankee great Jorge Posada announced his retirement at Yankee Stadium after 17 major league seasons. The five time All-Star had a career .273 batting average, 275 homers, and 1,065 RBIs. Posada was also a four time World Series champion.


The featured image of Jorge Posada by Kieth Allison is licensed under CC by 2.0.

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