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Draymond Green – On another planet.

Draymond Green is well and truly unstoppable right now. In last nights overtime win against Denver at Oracle, the 25 year old had an incredible 29 points, 14 assists and 17 rebounds; Leading the warriors in all 3 of those stats. This magnificent display was Green’s 6th triple-double of the season! This means he has a triple-double every 5.5 games!

Being on a team with Stephen Curry, the plaudits have previously gone to the point guard. The MVP is currently the leading scorer in the NBA. While the splash brothers take up much of the spotlight, Draymond Green went somewhat under the radar. Even in the Finals last year, Andre Igoudala arose from the bench to claim finals MVP, Draymond who?

However this year it’s much different. The entire league are left stunned by just how well Draymond Green is playing on both ends of the floor. So far his numbers are up from last season in points, FG%, 3p%, FT%, Rebounds, assists and blocks.

Being on a team with the splash brothers, Draymond is still managing 15 points a game, a respectable number. He has over 9 rebounds a game, as well as over 7 assists.

Last year Green managed 3.7 assists a game, and it has doubled this season, with 7.4 dimes each night.

His field goal percentage has improved slightly, up to 46%. A standout stat is that Draymond’s 3 point percentage has increased from 33% to 41%.

On december the 11th, Green became the first player for 3 years to record 5 or more in all main 5 statistical categories. He finished with 24 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals and 5 blocks in the overtime win against Boston. Those numbers are simply astonishing.

Green has wasted no time proving to Warriors fans just why he was worthy of the 5 year, $82 million contract extension he signed in july 2015.

He has become an integral part of the Warriors team, and there’s no doubt that if these stats continue, he will be in contention as the MVP at the end of the season.

The Warriors are even better this year than the last, and Draymond Green has been a crucial part of the success. And with 31 wins and just 2 losses so far, the rest of the NBA continue to wonder just how many wins they could finish with. Will it be more than 70?

You can vote for Draymond Green for the all-star game here: http://vote.nba.com/

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