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ESPN’s Danny Kanell lists his best one loss teams and he doesn’t include any SEC West teams

Danny Kanell picked his Top 5 loss teams and guess what, he didn’t include an SEC West team.  Kanell, a former Florida State quarterback, had Oregon, Notre Dame, Michigan State, TCU, and Georgia.

Yea, he added an SEC team in there, but how can he have Georgia on the list instead of Alabama, Auburn, or Ole Miss.  Kanell said that “Alabama best wins were against Texas A&M and Tennessee.”  The only problem with that, is South Carolina beat Georgia, and he may have forgotten that Texas A&M clobbered South Carolina in week one.  The Crimson Tide beat the Aggies 59-0, and Ole Miss beat Alabama, so how can you not include one of those two teams.  Auburn only loss came to the number one team in the country.

Another problem with his list is that Oregon is on it, while they are a very good team they lost to Arizona.  It took a last second Hail Mary for Arizona to beat California, who is a 4-4 team.  Also Arizona is a loss team, so how can you have Oregon ahead of a team that beat them.  Arizona only loss came to USC, 28-26.  How can Kanell have Oregon as the best one loss team?  I do think that Oregon is in the Top 5 of one loss teams, but definitely not number one.

At two Kanell put Notre Dame, most of you probably think I’m kidding, but unfortunately I’m not.  He said that Notre Dame has the best loss out of all the teams.  Their only loss did come at Florida State,  but they have weak wins at home against Purdue and Syracuse.  Both of those teams have been awful this season and are both 3-5.  Notre Dame beat Purdue by 16 and Syracuse by 15.  In my opinion those are weak wins and will be detrimental to their chances to make the playoffs.  Just because a team loses by four to your alma mater, doesn’t make them a better team than any one loss team in the SEC West.

Kanell added Michigan State at third, I do agree that the Spartans are a great team.  But they haven’t played anybody outside of Oregon and Nebraska. Michigan State beat Nebraska at home by five and got clobbered by Oregon.  Michigan State next game is Ohio State on November 8th, and I think that Ohio State is a better team than Michigan State.  If the Spartans beat the Buckeyes than I can see them making the list.

Kanell had TCU fourth, which I find completely ridiculous.  Congratulations, they put up 82 on an awful Texas Tech team.  TCU blew a huge lead to Baylor just a few weeks ago, so how can you have TCU ahead of Baylor at this point. The exclusion of SEC West teams was a real shocker to me.  The SEC West is by far the best division in college football and currently have three one loss teams.  All of those losses came to another team in that division.

My Top 5 one loss teams are:

      1. Alabama
      2. Auburn
      3. Ole Miss
      4. Oregon
      5. Notre Dame

 Here are what some people are saying on twitter.

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