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Every Shot of Klay Thompson’s Record Breaking Third Quarter

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson by nikk_la is licensed under CC by 2.0

Klay Thompson lit up the scoreboard in the third quarter of the Warriors 126-101 win over the Sacramento Kings. Thompson put up 37 points in the quarter, which was an NBA record by four points. The previous record holders were George Gervin and Carmelo Anthony, who each had 33 points in one quarter. Thompson was 13-13 from the field in the quarter and also set a record by hitting nine three-pointers. The previous three-point record holders were Michael Redd and Joe Johnson, who both had eight in a quarter.

At the beginning of the quarter he had just 13 points and started the fourth quarter with 50. Thompson was also responsible for every field goal by the Warriors in the quarter. I doubt we will see anything like it ever again. Thompson would go on to score just two more points in the fourth quarter and would end the game with 52.

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