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Fantasy Football Avoidables

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#2 Avoidable RB- Lesean McCoy

This pains my heart to put McCoy on this list! Depending on when you drafted, he was in the top 12 players of your draft order. The AFC East is filled with defensive juggernauts and his offensive line isn’t good enough for him to be in the top 12 statistically. Per, the Buffalo Bills were ranked 32nd in run blocking in 2014. Thurman Thomas would have problems running behind this line! When you’re running behind a bad offensive line, you have to hit the hole full speed which is why Fred Jackson thrived for so many years with the Bills. Shady does more dancing than Channing Tatum auditioning for the movie “Step Up”.  I wish I had more hands so I can give that movie four thumbs down by the way. The leading rusher in Eagles history didn’t get traded because his skills were diminishing. His numbers were mediocre last season because of Darren Sproles stealing all the third down work. Mccoy is extremely dangerous in the passing game and receiving a plethora of catches is his only hope of staying in the RB2 range.

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