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Fantasy Football: Eli Manning-OBJ Connection

For a pair of players that have Direct TV ads, Footlocker ads, Madden covers, their preseason has been pretty lackluster to say the least. A lot of experts assumed the New York Giants would contest their rivals in the NFC East because of all the acquisitions the Eagles and Cowboys made during the offseason. It’s very difficult to base the outlook of a team from preseason, but what else do we have to go off of? This is a passing league and it all comes down to their signal caller if this tandem will be contenders or pretenders this season that starts in 7 days 7 hours 5 minutes and 43,42,41 seconds. But who’s counting? This could be a deadly pair in regard to fantasy, but let’s talk numbers.

Eli Manning is the most consistent-inconsistent quarterback I’ve ever watched. What I mean by that is you never know which Eli will show up on Sunday. You could get the 2-time champion Eli Manning or you could get the direct TV “Bad Comedian” Eli. He had a terrible preseason last year as well. Over 5 games, Manning was 20 for 41 with 181 yards and one touchdown. This was a very rocky start for Coach Coughlin and Eli Manning, considering it seems like both are on the brink of being fired every other year. Once Eli figured out Ben McAdoo’s system and obtained his best weapon in OBJ, he was able to put up video game stats for the rest of the season. Eli has great QB2 appeal but he might be too inconsistent to be the first QB you take in your fantasy drafts. Last season was his best statistical year (4,410 yards, 30TD’s, 14 INT’s) of his career and OBJ was the direct recipient of a third of these numbers. I think Eli’s hot streak continues because they’ll be forced to throw a ton considering the defense has more holes in it than a Tiger Woods rant with his ex-wife.

Since “the catch”, Odell Beckham Junior has been in the spotlight so much I started watching the cooking channel just to avoid him. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love watching him play and he has amazing talent in which he displayed an incredible performance every week. But I know if I had grown weary of him, defenses most certainly have. During this preseason, defenders have played under the philosophy of OBJ will not beat embarrass us! His preseason performance has been quieter than a rat peeing on cotton. Numerous sports channels were yearning for an OBJ highlight so bad that they kept replaying an out of bounds catch on Darelle Revis as if it was “the catch part duex”. OBJ accumulated 91 grabs, 1305 yards and 12 TD’s in 2014; this is a tough feat for a wide receiver that plays the entire season. He did it in 12 games. It’s much harder in the NFL when opposing teams have game tape on a guy and they know he’s capable of rolling up 200 yards on them. Opposing defenses will  do everything in their power to prevent being a part of a highlight reel. OBJ will have a great year but you shouldn’t reach for him in the first round. If you land Odell in your drafts why not pair him up with Eli as your second QB? Don’t delve too much into preseason play; draft your guys with confidence. This tandem will light it up once again. Just don’t expect Tom BradyRandy Moss type of numbers.

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