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Fantasy Football: The Moral Dilemma

Do I start the underperforming quarterback for my favorite team again this week, or do I finally put in the solid backup that has been riding the pine the first four weeks? This is a thought that races through the mind of most fantasy football team owners at least once a day, unless of course, you’re lucky (or smart enough) to have Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

After researching all aspects of the defense your respective quarterback is playing against next week, and creating scenarios in your head both good and bad, you’ve come to a decision on who to start. After editing your lineup and putting your phone back in your pocket, something doesn’t feel right. So you open your phone back up, and edit your lineup again. The moral dilemma has hit a weekly high.

Growing up in Southern Oregon, the San Francisco 49ers are naturally my favorite team. Playing collegiate golf at the University of Utah, Alex Smith is a big role model of mine. In fact, I received the same degree (economics) as Alex Smith. To add more insight, Alex Smith was the commencement speaker at my college graduation. Yet I was the hopeful 49ers fan in support of Colin Kaepernick taking over as the starting quarterback during the 2012 season. Much has gone downhill since then for both Kaepernick and San Francisco. Optimistic, I drafted Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith this year as my fantasy quarterbacks. Time to compare numbers.

Through 4 weeks of ESPN Fantasy Football, Alex Smith is the 12th ranked quarterback averaging 16.3 points per game while Colin Kaepernick is the 22nd ranked quarterback averaging 13.1 points per game. It’s time to take a seat on the bench Colin. From one Ute to another, it looks like you’re getting the nod as my starting quarterback this week Mr. Smith. Don’t get too comfortable though, there’s a guy named Kaepernick trying to earn his job back.

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