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Fantasy Football: One Player to Reconcile With and Two to Drop

Sometimes fantasy football is just like relationships. You have to know when to fight for your significant other and when to leave in the middle of the night without saying goodbye. Now if children are involved, leave a note to explain why Mommy is a psycho and she drove you to the point of no return. I’m kidding, I’m kidding, make it work if kiddos are a part of the equation. I’ll break down a few players that you should reconcile with and a few that you should allow them to go back to living single like Khadija. Drawing the correlation between fantasy football and relationships might give some newbies a better viewpoint on what course of action to take with struggling players.


QB-Andrew Luck
Average Draft Position: 10th-  Currently ranked 30th among QB’s
First of all, you never want to be the first or second person to draft a QB. Luck has played considerably poor over the first quarter of the season and if you didn’t draft a viable backup, you’re probably in hot water right now. Luck has an extremely easy schedule for the rest of the season and he has too many weapons to fail. It doesn’t help his case when a 40 year old Matt Hassleback moved this offense last night like Tom Brady after Drew Bledsoe was injured. I’m joking, he didn’t play that well but you get the point. You have too much value wrapped into Luck to trade him away or give up on him.
The Love Doctor’s relationship advice: Andrew Luck is like a girl you’re dating and the relationship is kind of rocky but her parents are wealthy. So you have to think long term. Her parents are going to pay for the wedding and they’ll always help out if you ever fall on hard times. Stick it out with Luck, longevity is key!


RB- DeMarco Murray
Average Draft Position: 12th-    Currently ranked 42nd among RB’s
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Demarco Murray lead the league in rushing last year but this was behind the 2nd ranked offensive line in run blocking. So far this season, Demarco has 47 rushing yards on 29 attempts. I hate to kick a man while he’s down but Ryan Fitzpatrick has more rushing yards right now. I”m uncertain if the issue is playcalling or the offensive line. Either way, I wouldn’t wait around for things to work themselves out.
The Love Doctor’s relationship advice: It’s over! Jump ship! Y’all have only been married for 4 weeks so hopefully an annulment is a possibility. The time has come to give the “it’s not you, it’s me speech”. Don’t fall for the crying and don’t listen to the I’ll do better rant! No need to rent a U-haul, just leave with the clothes that are on your back. In other words, trade Demarco as soon as possible.


RB- C.J. Anderson 
Average Draft Position: 11th-    Currently ranked 46th among RBs
C.J. is simply a struggling running back that’s trying to maintain his job. This is the first time I’ve seen a running back falter in a Peyton Manning offense. C.J Anderson and Ronnie Hillman haven’t met expectations thus far. But with Ronnie breaking for a 72-yard touchdown last week, I think he becomes the lead Bronco in this backfield.
The Love Doctor’s relationship advice: CJ Anderson is equivalent to a girl that is a close friend of yours. She wants more than a friendship but she always has dirt under her fingernails and she thinks farting in public is funny.  So you’re just not that into her. But she has a beautiful little sister that you really want to go out with. Take the little sister out on a date but remain friends with the older sister. That little sister is Ronnie Hillman. If you’re a C.J Anderson owner, I”m hoping you’ve already snagged Hillman off the waiver wire. Keep both players on your roster because this could become a “whoever has the hot hand situation”.



For any additional relationship advice, the Love Doctor can be reached on the radio show 99.7 WZUP out of Detroit, Michigan.

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