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Fantasy Football: Week 4 Waiver Wire Pickups

Here are the things I’ve learned in week 3:  Cam Newton should fire his stylist for that camouflage suit he wore during his press conference. The Patriots are trying to break the record for most points scored in a single season (589 points Pats 2007). Aaron Rodgers makes the quarterback position look so easy that it seems unfair. It’s truly poetry in motion watching the Pack GO. The Packers offense is equivalent to watching Vincent Van Gogh paint Starry Night. Watching Andrew Luck is starting to look like witnessing Vincent Van Gogh cut his ear off. Luck might be the luckiest QB in football right now. The Denver Broncos have the best defense in football and it’s not close! Ponce De’ Leon should have searched for the fountain of youth in Arizona instead of Florida. Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are in mid-season form and are playing like two fired-up youngsters right after a pep rally. Julio Jones looks un-guardable! I’ve never seen a receiver get triple teamed but someone should tell Bill O’Brien that he won’t get any backlash from trying this concept out Sunday!  Let’s jump into some week 4 waiver wire picks.


Waiver Wire QB- Tyrod Taylor (40% owned)

Tyrod has had three good games in a row and deserves to be a on a roster of every 10-12 man league. Sammy Watkins’ injury doesn’t devalue Tyrod at all. Sammy only has 7 receptions, 99 yards and one touchdown throughout 3 games. Tyrod Taylor is going against the N.Y. Giants this week and they have given up a staggering 335 passing yards per game. Which is dead last in the NFL!  The Giants couldn’t stop a parked car right now. You can start Tyrod with confidence this week.

Honorable Mention: Andy Dalton, Derek Carr


Waiver Wire RB- Karlos Williams (28% owned)

It was only a matter of time before LeSean Mccoy would miss a game or two from lingering injuries. He was on my list of “avoidables” in the preseason. I’m no gynecologist (pun intended) but if a player gets injured in the offseason, the injuries seem to pile up because the body tries to compensate for that body part (i.e. Dez Bryant). The body is a machine and it will still work under the most arduous situations but it’s only a matter of time before the compensation patterns break down. Enough of being Doogie Howser, allow me to sell you on Karlos Williams. Granted, he might only be the starter for one game, he has been extremely productive from his limited touches. Karlos has scored in each game this year and why should that stop now? N.Y has given up the 4th most fantasy points to running backs thus far.

Honorable Mention: Devonta Freeman if available, Antonio Andrews, Thomas Rawls


Waiver Wire WR- Marvin Jones (22% owned)

The Red Rocket has found Marvin Jones in the end zone two weeks in a row. If the running game is stagnant and the Bengals are down, expect a big game from Marvin Jones. With A.J. Green getting massive attention from the opposing secondary, Marvin can almost waltz to the pylon. I don’t like the fact that he’s the third option in the passing game but he has great touchdown upside.

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