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Fantasy Football: Week 7 Waiver Wire Pick-ups

Week 6 takeaways: Devonta Freeman is on pace to outscore Aaron Rodgers. I know I talk about him every week but that’s because he beats me in a different league every single week. I would never wish injury to a player but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if he had a one-day explosive diarrhea bug the next time we played. DeAndre Hopkins is looking like the best wide receiver in football, which will make for a great debate once Big Ben is healthy. If Travis Kelce doesn’t get targeted at least 12 times a game, the Chiefs will be getting a top 3 pick next year. Peyton Manning’s arm is done. I’ve seen Al Bundy throw a better deep ball. Pagano’s hot seat is already ashes. He called a fake punt that was so bad of a play that Pete Carroll even laughed at it. Cam Newton was literally Superman against the Seahawks. It takes a lot to quiet down the 12th man and Cam singlehandedly did it! Actually both stadiums that are known to be home of the 12th man were quieted this weekend (CenturyLink Field, Kyle Field) RTR. Even though the Eagles won, Sam Bradford played awful. If they weren’t winning, Sanchez would already be the starter. Speaking of Philly, Byron Maxwell owes the organization their money back. He can’t cover a bed with a blanket. I hate to say it but Gary Barnidge is playing more like Gronk than Gronk! Let’s get into some week 7 waiver wire pick ups.

#1 Waiver Wire QB: Brian Hoyer (7%owned)

Even I can’t believe I’m making this recommendation but it’s some fantasy owners that are rolling the dice on Peyton Manning and at the time this just might be a better option down the road. Look at it this way, as long as he throws the ball to Arian Foster and DeAndre Hopkins, he’ll always be capable of putting together a decent game. Hopkins catches everything around him! Hoyer was the quarterback when Josh “flash-hash” Gordon tore the league up. I think the quarterback musical chairs is over for Houston. Barring injury, Hoyer will lead this team for the rest of the season. He went 24 for 36 for 293 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Jags. He has a fairly easy schedule going forward and could make a lot of noise in the AFC South.

#2 Waiver Wire RB: James Starks (21% owned)

This is one tricky situation! The backfield is clearly Eddie Lacy’s. It’s no controversy, it’s no argument, this job isn’t up for grabs. Starks is only the “fill-in” until Lacy is healthy. With the Packers on a bye, this could very well be Lacy’s backfield in week 8. Coach McCarthy said it’s a hot-hand situation. Starks should only be picked if you have a player on the bench that will never crack your starting lineup. Victor Cruz, Ray Rice,Uncle Rico, these type of players should be dropped for Starks.

#3 Waiver Wire WR: Stefon Diggs (8% owned)

Every time I hear this name I think of when Steve Urkel turned into Stefan Urquelle from the sitcom Family Matters. Stefan was cool as the other side of the pillow in that show. Most youngsters won’t be able to relate,sorry. Diggs was only inserted into the starting lineup because of Charles Johnson injuring his ribs. So far Johnson has been Casper throughout the first quarter of the season. “Urquelle” has 13 grabs for 216 yards in his first two starts. I think he’s going to force the coaching staff’s hand by becoming a starter. They can’t deny his soft hands and yards after catch. Vikings need an outside playmaker as defenses hone in on stopping A.D.

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