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Florida State vs. Clemson Series

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Florida State Leads Series 20–9

1November 7, 1970TallahasseeDoak Campbell StadiumFlorida State38–13
2November 1, 1975ClemsonMemorial StadiumFlorida State43–7
3October 30, 1976TallahasseeDoak Campbell StadiumClemson15–12
4September 17, 1988ClemsonMemorial Stadium#10 Florida State24–21
5September 9, 1989TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#10 Clemson34–23
6September 12, 1992ClemsonMemorial Stadium#5 Florida State24–20
7September 11, 1993TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#1 Florida State57–0
8October 22, 1994TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#7 Florida State17–0
9September 9, 1995ClemsonMemorial Stadium#1 Florida State45–26
10October 5, 1996TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#2 Florida State34–3
11September 20, 1997ClemsonMemorial Stadium#5 Florida State35–28
12October 17, 1998TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#6 Florida State48–0
13October 23, 1999ClemsonMemorial Stadium#1 Florida State17–14
14November 4, 2000TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#4 Florida State54–7
15November 3, 2001ClemsonMemorial Stadium#14 Florida State41–27
16October 3, 2002TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#11 Florida State48–31
17November 8, 2003ClemsonMemorial StadiumClemson26–10
18September 25, 2004TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#8 Florida State41–22
19November 12, 2005ClemsonMemorial StadiumClemson35–14
20September 16, 2006TallahasseeDoak Campbell StadiumClemson27–20
21September 3, 2007ClemsonMemorial StadiumClemson24–18
22November 8, 2008TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#24 Florida State41–27
23November 7, 2009ClemsonMemorial StadiumClemson40–24
24November 13, 2010TallahasseeDoak Campbell StadiumFlorida State16–13
25September 24, 2011ClemsonMemorial Stadium#21 Clemson35–30
26September 22, 2012TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#4 Florida State49–37
27October 19, 2013ClemsonMemorial Stadium#5 Florida State51–14
28September 20, 2014TallahasseeDoak Campbell Stadium#1 Florida State23–17 OT
29November 7, 2015ClemsonMemorial Stadium#3 Clemson23–13

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