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Forrest Whitley Scouting Report

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Forrest Whitley’s Info

Height: 6’7″
Weight: 225
Throws: Right
School/State: Alamo Heights (San Antonio, TX)
Position: RHP
College Commitment: Florida State

Forrest Whitley’s Scouting Report

Whitley already has the ideal size of a major leaguer to go with a quality, sinking fastball and an above average curve/slider. He also has an average changeup that has decent movement and a decent curveball, but he struggles to command those pitches. Whitley mechanics are improving, but they are still a weakness that he will have to improve if he wants to become a big league starter.


  • Plus fastball potential
  • Above average curveball
  • Intimidating presence on the mound


  • Needs to improve command
  • Needs to improve his mechanics

Fastball: 90-96  MPH
Changeup: 83 MPH
Curveball: 76 MPH
Slider: 84 MPH

Forrest Whitley’s Scouting Grades

Tool Grade/Projection
Command 50/55
Mechanics 45/55
Fastball 55/65
Changeup 45/55
Curveball 55/65
Slider 45/55
Overall 45/55

Forrest Whitley’s Draft Projection

Early to Late First Round

Forrest Whitley’s Pro Comparison

Phil Hughes – Minnesota Twins

Where could Whitley end up in the draft?

Whitley could go as earlier as eight to the Padres, with his floor being the Blue Jays at 21. The Red Sox at 12 and the Yankees at 18 makes the most sense.

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