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Golden State – Unstoppable

Golden State

Stephen Curry by Kieth Allison is licensed under CC by 2.0

The only word to describe Golden State, simply unstoppable. From the 27th October until now they remain unbeaten. In 13 games, they have not lost. Here is a list of teams who the Warriors have beaten so far:

New Orleans x2


Memphis x2

LA Clippers x2







There are a lot of good teams on that list, and the question is how much longer can they keep this unbeaten run going? They take on Chicago tonight which could see a possible end to the hot streak; but with MVP Steph Curry at his best no team in the league can stop Golden State.

Curry has been simply unbelievable so far, the media are running out of superlatives to describe him, and I for one am one of those who cannot put into words just how well he can shoot the basketball. So far he is averaging 34 points a game, simply incredible numbers. He’s also averaging just under 6 assists a game as well as 5 rebounds.

Draymond Green has also been hot out of the gate this season. His numbers across the board are very impressive, with 12 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds. His ball movement is fantastic and that is highlighted with those 7 assists he is averaging each game.

Curry’s fellow splash brother Klay Thompson has had a good shooting touch so far with 16 points a game, and is bringing 4 rebounds each game too.

Between those 3 alone, that’s 62 points a game! The astonishing impact those 3 are having at this early stage plays a big part in the Warriors’ early season success.

Let’s also give credit to Head Coach Steve Kerr for what he has done for this team. The system put in place has worked so successfully, and he has brought the very best out of each player on the roster. For a rookie coach, he’s done one hell of a job.

The league are left in shock at the start they have made. Analysts have no idea what sort of record the Warriors could end up with. If they’re playing like this I cannot see them losing more than 10 regular season games, unless of course injuries start affecting players. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Warriors can go all the way again this year, especially with Curry playing this well. He’s already the front runner for MVP again and rightly so.

The Warriors fans have had to wait a long time for the success that this team has had over the past year, and it is certainly deserved with fans as loud and as passionate as they are. Steph Curry brings the Gold to Golden State.

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