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In-Season Training Tips for Baseball Players

In-Season Training Tips for Baseball Players

The start of the baseball season is a happy time for fans and players alike. There is less pressure and the overall quality of the game is higher, as players come from a time of rest and recuperation after a long season. Not to forget though that the players do put in the hard yards during the offseason to build their fitness and hone their skills to give themselves the best chance of performing when the season kicks off. Despite playing week in and week out, the players are required to constantly train. In fact, without training, they won’t be able to perform at their best.

Yet, there is one concern every player in the MLB and lower leagues has: excessive training could lead to fatigue and injury. As you know, no player can afford to get injured while training or else his season goes kaput. This is why they have to stick to a series of low-impact and low-intensity training routines to stay in shape and also get the workout they need. To make things clearer, here are a few in-season training tips baseball players follow:

  • First and foremost, players need to pay attention to their nutrition. They have to follow a proper nutritional routine, especially on game day. What a player eats before, during and after a game has a profound impact on his performance. The building blocks of any baseball player’s diet are proteins, so they have to be a staple. In addition, adding low-carb and low-calorie snacks as well as protein shakes and granola bars can make a difference, particularly after workouts and games.
  • Warming up properly is essential to keep the muscles loose and fluid and reduce the risk of tears and injuries. This is why stretching is a must for all baseball players once the season is underway. However, do make sure you don’t stretch cold, as it could cause problems. You have to work your way up, i.e. start slowly and then increase the intensity. And do keep in mind that stretching does not only mean working on your triceps or yanking your arms.
  • Players have to work on their core muscles and the legs in particular. This is why the training routine you follow should include a combination of isometric leg exercises, sprints and lunges. You can also add wall sits to introduce some variety into the routine. This will ensure that the muscles undergoing the most strain during a game get the workout they need.
  • Endurance and stamina are the pillars to carry yourself through over the course of a season and emerge at the other end without being injured or fatigued. This is why introducing some cardio routines into the mix is essential. Go for a 30-minute cardio routine every day where 10 minutes are spent on anaerobic exercises and 20 minutes on aerobic exercises. You can try biking, running or jogging. Also, make sure the anaerobic routine is more intense than the aerobic one.
  • Last, but not the least, you need to incorporate some drills into your training program. You need to practice pitching, throwing and hitting. However, this doesn’t mean you just keep at it. You have to make sure the quality of the drills is high so that you get the intended results. Don’t keep practicing when you feel fatigued and tired. You cannot risk getting injured.

So, these are some in-season training tips for baseball players. Keep in mind that these practices are followed by players in the MLB down to the lower leagues. If you want to survive the season, you need to put in the hard yards.

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