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John Lester Signs with Cubs

The Jon Lester bidding war has come to an end, with the Chicago Cubs pulling out the southpaw pitcher. The deal is worth six years, $155 million. The Red Sox’s final bid was reported to be around six years, $135 million. The Giants were willing to pay big money for Lester, with their offer being seven years and around $168 million. I’m not surprised that Lester took less money to pitch for the Cubs, were his former General Manager Theo Epstein serves as President of Baseball Operations.

The Cubs are now contenders next season, but they’re in the toughest division in baseball which will make it difficult for them to find themselves in the playoffs in 2015. Cub fans will be anxiously waiting for 2016, which should be an exciting year in Chicago, with both the Cubs and White Sox looking like contenders.

Jon Lester went 16-11, posting a 2.46 ERA with Boston and Oakland last season. Lester also brings championship experience to the table, which will be key with the young team in Chicago.

Lester will be without a doubt the ace in the Cubs rotation. The Cubs will need to go out and find number two, maybe James Shields. Chicago signed Jason Hammel earlier this week, who will probably be the number three, if the Cubs only add one more pitcher.

It was an exciting day for Cub fans, and they might not be done yet.

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