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Mariners agree to a multiyear deal with Nelson Cruz

Outfielder Nelson Cruz has agreed to a deal with the Seattle Mariners. The Orioles were told that Cruz had a four year, $58 million offer on the table, so it looks like that’s what the Mariners offered Cruz.

Nelson Cruz led the majors with 40 homers last season and he finished third in the American League with 108 RBIs. He also batted .271 and tied a career high for number of games played in a season at 159.

Cruz is 34 and has played on three teams the Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, and Baltimore Orioles. Cruz holds Major League record for most homers with six and most RBIs with 13 in a postseason series. He did that in the 2011 ALCS and he has historically been a great postseason hitter, posting a career .292 average with 16 home runs.

Cruz is a three-time All-Star coming off a career season, but I still don’t agree with signing a player of his age to more than a three-year deal.

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