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Melvin Gordon breaks single game rushing record

Melvin Gordon broke LaDainian Tomlinson single game rushing record, running for 408 yards in Wisconsin 59-24 win over Nebraska.  Tomlinson had held the record since 1999, when he rushed for 406 yards against UTEP.  I have to say Gordon’s competition was much better.  His performance helped improve his team to 8-2 on the season and they now control the Big 10 west.

Gordon broke the record on his last run of the game, ending the third quarter with a 26-yard touchdown run.  He also had four touchdowns in the game.

Gordon said this when asked about the record “Yeah, I didn’t even know I was close to the record, I was kind of just running away.”

With his performance today, he went over 1,500 yards rushing on the season and he has 19 touchdowns.

This is probably a record that will last a good while, and I wonder if this is a sign of things to come for Melvin Gordon.  I would take this guy in the first round if I was a GM for an NFL team.  I think he will have a bright future ahead of him.

Tomlinson congratulated Melvin Gordon on breaking his record.

Here are a couple of Gordon’s runs.

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