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MLB 300 Win Club

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Pitchers in 300 Win Club

Cy Young511July 12, 1901Boston Americans1890–1911
Walter Johnson417May 14, 1920Washington Senators1907–1927
Pete Alexander373September 20, 1924Chicago Cubs1911–1930
Christy Mathewson373June 13, 1912New York Giants1900–1916
Pud Galvin365September 4, 1888Pittsburgh Alleghenys1875–1892
Warren Spahn363August 11, 1961Milwaukee Braves1942–1965
Kid Nichols361July 7, 1900Boston Beaneaters1890–1906
Greg Maddux355August 7, 2004Chicago Cubs1986–2008
Roger Clemens354June 13, 2003New York Yankees1984–2007
Tim Keefe342June 4, 1890New York Giants1880–1893
Steve Carlton329September 23, 1983Philadelphia Phillies1965–1988
John Clarkson328September 21, 1892Cleveland Spiders1882–1894
Eddie Plank326September 11, 1915St. Louis Terriers1901–1917
Nolan Ryan324July 31, 1990Texas Rangers1966–1993
Don Sutton324June 18, 1986California Angels1966–1988
Phil Niekro318October 6, 1985New York Yankees1964–1987
Gaylord Perry314May 6, 1982Seattle Mariners1962–1983
Tom Seaver311August 4, 1985Chicago White Sox1967–1986
Old Hoss Radbourn309June 2, 1891Cincinnati Reds1880–1891
Mickey Welch307July 28, 1890New York Giants1880–1892
Tom Glavine305August 5, 2007New York Mets1987–2008
Randy Johnson303June 4, 2009San Francisco Giants1988–2009
Early Wynn300July 13, 1963Cleveland Indians1939–1963
Lefty Grove300July 25, 1941Boston Red Sox1925–1941

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