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MLB 500 Home Run Club

Updated: October 4, 2018

PlayerHome RunsDateTeamSeasons
Barry Bonds762April 17, 2001San Francisco Giants1986–2007
Hank Aaron755July 14, 1968Atlanta Braves1954–1976
Babe Ruth714August 11, 1929New York Yankees1914–1935
Alex Rodriguez696August 4, 2007New York Yankees1994–2016
Willie Mays660September 13, 1965San Francisco Giants1951–1973
Albert Pujols633April 22, 2014Los Angeles Angels2001–Present
Ken Griffey, Jr.630June 20, 2004Cincinnati Reds1989–2010
Jim Thome612September 16, 2007Chicago White Sox1991–2012
Sammy Sosa609April 4, 2003Chicago Cubs1989–2007
Frank Robinson586September 13, 1971Baltimore Orioles1956–1976
Mark McGwire583August 5, 1999St. Louis Cardinals1986–2001
Harmon Killebrew573August 10, 1971Minnesota Twins1954–1975
Rafael Palmeiro569May 11, 2003Texas Rangers1986–2005
Reggie Jackson563September 17, 1984California Angels1967–1987
Manny Ramirez555May 31, 2008Boston Red Sox1993–2011
Mike Schmidt548April 18, 1987Philadelphia Phillies1972–1989
David Ortiz541September 12, 2015Boston Red Sox1997–2016
Mickey Mantle536May 14, 1967New York Yankees1951–1968
Jimmie Foxx534September 24, 1940Boston Red Sox1925–1945
Willie McCovey521June 30, 1978San Francisco Giants1959–1980
Frank Thomas521June 28, 2007Toronto Blue Jays1990–2008
Ted Williams521June 17, 1960Boston Red Sox1939–1960
Ernie Banks512May 12, 1970Chicago Cubs1953–1971
Eddie Mathews512July 14, 1967Houston Astros1952–1968
Mel Ott511August 1, 1945New York Giants1926–1947
Gary Sheffield509April 17, 2009New York Mets1988–2009
Eddie Murray504September 6, 1996Baltimore Orioles1977–1997

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