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MLB Teams Which Are Unlikely to Achieve This Season

MLB Teams Which Are Unlikely to Achieve This Season

The 2015 Major League Baseball (MLB) is expected to be one of the closest in recent memory. More than half the teams in the league have a realistic chance of winning the league. While a clearer picture will only emerge as the season goes on, there are some teams which are almost guaranteed to underachieve or win fewer games than the rest of the table. Here is an overview of some teams which are unlikely to achieve this season:

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies have dominated the conversation from the end of last season, even though their overall performance last year was ordinary at best. They won only 73 games last season and are projected to do worse this year, with 71 wins. The drama over Cole Hamels is the major factor behind their underperformance, as they have been debating the merits and demerits of dealing him over the course of the winter. Hamels is there to lead the staff but that doesn’t mean he will be there come the business end of the season.

In addition, they have starter problems as well, with Cliff Lee unlikely to feature prominently. This will mean Aaron Harang will step up to the plate as the number 2 starter for the Phillies. Harang is not a No. 2 level starter. Last year, he performed exceptionally for Atlanta Braves and having him as the first starter would be the best option for any team. There are gaps in offense as well, with the team relying on Carlos Ruiz and Chase Utley. Utley, like Hamels, could be playing for a different team come the end of the season.

Colorado Rockies

Like the Phillies, the Colorado Rockies are also expected to finish with 71 wins. The Rockies had an indifferent season last year, where they were bottom of the pile in terms of ERA but scored the most runs in the National League. The news at the start of the season has been dominated by whether or not Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki will be able to last the full season. Any further injury or health issues could see at least one of the two be dealt by the Rockies.

At the same time, they are looking forward to Eddie Butler and Jon Gray making their debuts, both bright pitching prospects. The Rockies will have to pitch extremely well to stand a chance of winning more than 71 games. Kyle Kendrick has bolstered their ranks by signing on and is expected to be one of the two starter pitchers with Jorge De La Rosa.

Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are likely to repeat their performance from last season, when they won 70 games. However, so poor was the state of the team that they will have over-performed even if they manage 70 wins this time around. They have a decent rotation for this season, with Kyle Gibson and Phil Hughes joined by new signing Ervin Santana. The veteran right-hander will provide some much-needed quality and steel, which could prove crucial once the season is at its halfway stage.

The Twins are also banking on Tommy Milone and Ricky Nolasco to regain their form. The one thing going for the club is that they aren’t spending as much as some of the other teams in the conference, and if they perform decently, they will be in a good state. Achieving more than 70 wins would make them the feel-good story of the season.

These are three teams which are unlikely to achieve this season. Winning more games than projected would be a good place to start for them.

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